Stuck at the airport

You know how they say to get to the airport 2 hours early? Well, I didn’t do that and the plane left without me. So for the past 3 hours I’ve been keeping myself entertained while I await the 5 hour penalty until the next flight out ;)

But I write this not to gain sympathy (although I’ll certainly take it!) but to share a few things I’ve learned during my stay so far. Plus I’m kinda bored and wanna try out this iPhone WordPress app, haha…

Things I’ve learned:

– I’m a lot more patient than I originally thought.
– I also haven’t been this alone for a long time, and I kinda like it!
– People watching is fun, but doesn’t pass much time.
– Reading does :)
– And same with calling friends and family (when they pick up).
– The longer you stay here, the more money you spend! So far: coffee, donuts, magazines, apple juice, and coffee refills.
– Places now charge for coffee refills! And people pay for it ;)
– Missing your flight makes moms sad.

And lastly, life can be very unexpected. You can either bitch and whine and make yourself miserable, or you can adapt and try to make something of it. The latter is more preferable, and it relates to finances too.

PS: 200 boy scouts just walked past me.

UPDATE: I made the plane!!!! One of those boy scouts dropped out and my standby paid off :) I got smushed in between said boy scouts but lesson very much learned. Now off to catch the last leg before I miss that! (See u soon Seattle)

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  1. Jennifer Miller August 4, 2010 at 2:19 PM

    Great Blog like always.
    We are having beautiful weather here in Seattle!!! Enjoy your trip! Plus there are great happy hours here!

  2. the Dad, Climbing Out August 4, 2010 at 2:38 PM

    Which airport? I can direct you to the nearest great craft beer in any major hub. :)

  3. Karmella August 4, 2010 at 3:17 PM

    Ahhh, don’t tell me that – my dad always harps about getting to the airport early but I alwyas cut it close. Partly why I insist on flying out of BWI – I irrationally feel like it’s an easier airport.

    Thank god for iphones :)

  4. Doctor S August 4, 2010 at 4:47 PM

    haha im guessing you didnt sign up for the Nationwide BOINGO wireless internet service in every major airport? It is brutal. Good thing you have your iPhone. The wordpress app seems to come through just fine!

  5. Kira August 4, 2010 at 6:17 PM

    J – every week I read your blog I feel you and I are more and more alike. As if the PF, USAA and the Mac love were not enough – now I find out we both have moms in Seattle. But I beat you on the standby – 2 weeks ago I spend 8+ hours waiting in the MSP airport for a flight home. Instead of whining about it, I made the best of it, got some work done, and had a few drinks at the bar and met some really cool people. (Cause that’s what travel’s all about!)

  6. Donna Freedman August 5, 2010 at 3:15 AM

    J$: You should have taken to heart the Boy Scouts’ motto, “Be prepared,” and gotten to the airport early rather than waiting for one of them to drop out so you could fly standby.
    Tsk. Tsk. Just for that, you have to read the lyrics of Tom Lehrer’s paean to scouting (which is even funnier when you hear it sung):
    Be prepared! that’s the boy scout’s marching song,
    Be prepared! as through life you march along.
    Be prepared to hold your liquor pretty well,
    Don’t write naughty words on walls if you can’t spell.
    Be prepared! to hide that pack of cigarettes,
    Don’t make book if you cannot cover bets.
    Keep those reefers hidden where you’re sure
    That they will not be found
    And be careful not to smoke them
    When the scoutmaster’s around
    For he only will insist that it be shared.
    Be prepared!
    Be prepared! that’s the boy scouts’ solemn creed,
    Be prepared! and be clean in word and deed.
    Don’t solicit for your sister, that’s not nice,
    Unless you get a good percentage of her price.
    Be prepared! and be careful not to do
    Your good deeds when there’s no one watching you.
    If you’re looking for adventure of a
    New and different kind,
    And you come across a girl scout who is
    Similarly inclined,
    Don’t be nervous, don’t be flustered, don’t be scared.
    Be prepared!

  7. Jacob R August 5, 2010 at 8:04 AM

    I definitely feel you!

    I was flying out of BWI to Salt Lake City one day. I took a cab, and got stuck in traffic. I ended up missing my flight by 3 minutes! Took another flight later that evening, and went from having a direct flight to a layover in Atlanta. Then I got to Atlanta and missed my plane again! It took me 2 days to get to Salt Lake City, when it should’ve only taken 4.5 hours. Miserable.

    Here’s what I learned from that experience:
    – Don’t get upset at the airline, especially the customer service reps. They’re on a schedule, and they don’t control traffic or security. And they do the best that they can, they don’t need more people yelling at them constantly.
    – Make sure to check traffic on the way to major airports. I learned that I can take the train instead of a cab, it only costs 6 bucks compared to 90 and it’s must more relaxing and reliable!

  8. Stacey August 5, 2010 at 8:07 AM

    Wow I was definitely at the same airport as you yesterday. I flew home from a business trip into BWI yesterday and the Boy Scouts were EVERYWHERE! In uniform. Because apparently that is the cool way to fly.

    Perhaps we crossed paths? Who knows :)

  9. Michelle August 5, 2010 at 9:56 AM

    when I lived in Manassas, 20 minutes down the road from Dulles, I would drive the 70+ miles to BWI because of how cheap the flights were – and sometimes it was just faster.

    One time I was waiting in the security line for Dulles for 90 minutes – so my 2 hours early = waiting, running for the Empire-Strikes-Back Imperial Walker transports, running to the gate, only to view my plane backing away from the gate. Oh, and I once lost my car in their lots – arriving from San Diego on a late-night-flight (1am) and it had snowed while I was gone, and they had plowed a snowbank behind my car in the far corner of one of their lots. We went past it (obscured by the big 12-ft-high pile of snow) 4 times before I made the driver stop & went climbing to check!! To their credit – airport bus gave me a ride home to Manassas, then paid for my cab back the next morning, by which time, they had a plow move the pile.

    So glad I live in tiny-airport-market Austin, where if you know the super-secret-security line location, you can pull off 70 minutes early instead of 2 hours. Plus, it’s in Austin, vice the DC area!

  10. Cuz A August 5, 2010 at 2:19 PM

    I heard about your shenanigans missing the plane! Oddly, neither Auntie nor I were surprised.
    I’ve been cruising your blog, cuz, as I’m joining the minority of college students even attempting PF and budgeting. Wish me luck!
    P.S. See you in Seattle tomorrow!

  11. J. Money August 9, 2010 at 3:35 PM

    Glad you guys enjoyed this one :) It actually helped pass the time a bit! I’m so stupid sometimes…

    @Jennifer Miller – I most def. participated in some happy hours too :)
    @the Dad, Climbing Out – Was out at National airport (DCA)
    @Karmella – Haha yeah, the iPhone saved my a$$! a lesson good to learn every 10 years or so too (i seem to do this every decade)
    @Doctor S – I didn’t, but you reminded me that I had a free coupon for Boingo that I never used!!!
    @Kira – Yayyyyy! We rock ;) Although my mom doesn’t actually live in Seattle, I just missed my flight WITH her and she had to go on without me – haha… that was some good quality time right out the window.
    @Donna Freedman – hahaha… where was that when I was in Boy Scouts??
    @Jacob R – OUCH! wow that is so much worse. good call on traffic and being nice to customer service reps though :) I was most certainly pleasant to mine so that I could get the best chances of getting out of there as possible. Plus, it’s just nice to be NICE.
    @Stacey – Haha… I was out at DCA but I think there was some sort of Jamboree doing on in the DC area. They sure do travel in packs! (literally)
    @Michelle – Dannnng that sucks! I hear you on Austin though – always rated one of the Top 3 places to live in the country! And usually #1 too :) Enjoy it!
    @Cuz A – YES! You can rock it for sure my cuz :) Then you can teach all your college friends to do well too so that everyone is nice and happy forever and ever!!!! haha… nice seeing you this weekend :)


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