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If you ever need any of these services below, give a shout!

I love talking about this stuff , and happy to brain dump anytime and get your project/blog/money flowing in the right direction :)

I offer free 20 min calls to see if we’re a good fit 👍


Blog Coaching — I’ve been blogging for over 10+ years (a fourth of my life!) and absolutely love helping people find their rhythm and get their blog moving in the right direction. From winning 12 industry awards and having over 40,000,000 eyeballs on my projects over the years, I’ve done everything from building blogs from scratch to selling them for hundreds of thousands of dollars and experienced almost everything in between (the goods and the bads!). I can help with branding to writing to growing traffic to monetization, though I do have a strong bias towards those who blog for the love of it first and the “business” side second, so if you’re only in it for the money I’m probably not the best person for you :) But reach out anytime and we can go from there! More about my services and experience here: jmoney.biz/consulting

(I also help people buy and sell blogs too. You can learn more about that, or get on my  list to receive emails whenever a new blog comes up for sale here (it’s free): jmoney.biz/blogs-for-sale)

Money Coaching — Need help getting your $$$ together? Want a fresh set of eyes on your plan? Hit me up and we’ll make sure you’re on track! I don’t make budgets for people anymore, but always happy to review them as well as any other spreadsheets or life goals you might have… What I find though is that while all this stuff revolves to money, it’s more about what the *money can actually get you* – i.e the ideal LIFESTYLE – so with everything you do, make sure you’re doing it through the lenses of that and see if it helps you put things in better focus 👍 You can reach out anytime here if you wanna see if we’re a good fit: budgetsaresexy.com/contact

FinTech Consulting — Need help aligning your app or service to the everyday consumer? Want to get your product in front of the personal finance community which collectively influences millions of people every single day? Shoot me a note and we’ll see if I can help! I’ve advised for over a dozen fintech companies over the years, including Digit, CFSI, and The Motley Fool, and have also been a 5x judge for fintech competitions in the space. You can learn more about me and my services here: jmoney.biz/consulting

Coin Inventorying/Valuing/Liquidating — Inherit a coin collection lately and no clue what to do with it? Dusting off an old collection of yours and want help evaluating, inventorying and/or selling it? Shoot me a note and I’ll help! I absolutely LOVE pouring through others’ collections and have liquidated over a dozen of them for friends over the years. And the best part is that I take my commission payment through coins so it won’t cost you a dollar ;) You can learn more about my experience and coin services here: jmoney.biz/coin-help


Hope this helps!

You can email me at j [at] budgets are sexy [dot] com, or fill out this form below to directly reach me:

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