I was tagged…and it felt good!

Are you ready for more things about me? No? well fine then! you can find me crying in the corner. What’s that, you changed your mind? awesome, please continue :) I was tagged by Always the Planner on “7 Random Things About Me” last week (i’m a little late), so here we go:

1) I have a healthy obsession with Saucony running shoes. I say obsession because I am currently wearing my 12th pair (green w/ black border). I say healthy because i only buy them when they’re on sale ($19.99 –>$29.99) and they are good for my feet!

2) I went to 3 different high schools. While it was awesome and sucky at the same time, i interestingly enough attended the SAME school my freshmen year, as well as my senior year! The funniest part were those old “friends” who didn’t recognize me when i came back! haha… i guess i was a growing boy.

3) I have A.D.H.D. (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), and i like it. while it can be annoying at times, i’ve learned to channel it over the years to increase my creativity! you drop a little caffeine on top of that, and OPAH! you have a party :)

4) My brother and i would have been the 4th generation of military pilots…except that my brother became a journalist, and i became a graphic designer/jack of all trades. Streaks gotta end somewhere, right?

5) I prefer sparkling water over regular water. the bubbles feel great going own my throat, and i always feel so elegant when i’m drinking it….i don’ t know why.

6) I have an addictive personality, like a LOT. This is why i have never smoked a cigarrette – i’m too afraid of getting hooked! I’ve been okay with alcohol (thank the Lord!), and cigars, so those will remain my only vices. It also helps with things like this blog too, as i can get super consumed and focus my efforts on it.

7) …i wanted a good one for this last number, and couldn’t decide if i should leak my tattoo or hair cut….but since i just said i had a tattoo, that wins! I have a star on my chest :) it really doesn’t mean anything in particular except that i just really like ’em a lot. i also used to aspire to be a rock star, but since i can’t sing, nor play an instrument, i’m okay with being a blog-star. that’s a new word i just now made up. isn’t it fetch?!

There you have it – 7 random things that have nothing to do with personal finance, and that you probably didn’t need to know about me! haha… But it was fun sharing :) we’ll be back to money matters later today, or tomorrow. Thx for tagging me ATP!

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