6 More Ideas For Y’all


Here’s a bunch more ideas for ya’ll I’ve collected from around the community…

Sadly no naked men in there for you, but you’re welcome for that picture up there 😂😂

Let me know if you end up trying any of these out!


Framing the “art” your kids do on your walls!

wall doodle art

A reader sent this one in and it’s HILARIOUS!! From MyModernMet.com:

After coming home to find their 6-year-old son had used a green marker to draw a little house on one of their walls, instead of bestowing punishment, they decided to frame it—just like a masterpiece in a gallery…

The parents even created an artwork label and titled the treasured piece, Interrupted House. The label also states the artist’s preferred medium, “Marker on latex paint,” and includes the caption “Gifted to his parents, by surprise. Nov. 13th.”

Haha…Here’s a photo of the placard that goes next to it ;) Totally stealing this idea for my 1 y/o’s doodles –  now expanded onto three walls (!!)

doodle art placard

[See original tweet and photos from the genius who came up with this here: @DrMassicotte]


Giving *checks* as gifts to people

I usually gift money to kids, at Christmas or birthdays, because everyone else is giving toys or clothes. I almost always write a check though because it forces them to deposit the money. Once the money is deposited, it rarely leaves the bank/savings. I’ve heard complains from family members what a pain it is but in a course of a few years, that money adds up even if there isn’t a lot of interest/dividend. Power of savings! – Cindy

Maybe a bit less faux pas than giving cash too?! Which my wife can’t stand when I do it (which is like all the time! :))


Staying stealthy with your wealthy!

My rule is to never drive a better vehicle TO WORK than your boss. Stealth wealth is key when you work for a large company. Raises are subjective so it’s always better to be conservative. This is especially important when you work for a very small company as the owner may feel you make enough money and will give you a small raise since you drive a fancier car/truck than them. – Patti

Also good to just do in general!! Gotta be like the Millionaire Next Door up in there and keep your wealth on the low! Here’s a few things I do that helps with that, lol… How I’m Stealthy With My Wealthy


Levying fees on your kids, haha…

As a kid, if I slept in and was late to school, my Mom would charge me $6. This was the daily cost for me to go to school so she made me pay her back.

(My Mum also made me cook dinner for the whole family every Wednesday night. If I didn’t cook, I would have to buy it. I hated it at the time, but looking back it was all just training for early independence! Thanks Mum!!) – 5AM Joel

That last part also helps you save a ton of money IN THE FUTURE too!! Once you know how to cook you’re well on your way to savings. (And better health!)


Keeping a notebook around

My parents say the best parenting advice they got was to put a notebook and pen somewhere where it would be immediately handy so they would always be able to write down the funny things their kids unintentionally said.

Our notebook was on top of the fridge, and we collected so many sayings throughout the year that my dad actually would compromise a whole Christmas newsletter each year of just our own quotes! We never had ‘family news’, but we had people saying ours was the only Christmas newsletter they would keep in the year, or asking if they could make copies of it to send to their friends and family too!

It became so popular we even printed it up into a little booklet to sell along with our family business. So you never know where funny sayings can lead to! :D – Leah

Journaling’s also pretty good for the times we’re in right now too since we’re LIVING THROUGH HISTORY!! Gotta jot down all your quarantined doings for future descendants to read! ;)

And speaking of descendants…


Thinking of losses as “their” money ;)

Steve Ark on the recent investment losses…

I just remind myself that I’ll be handing down millions to my kids when my wife and I die of old age someday. If the portfolio goes down a bunch now, I’m not losing my money, I’m losing their money. That makes me feel a lot better!

Haha… can’t fault that thinking ;)

Keep hanging in there, y’all!

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  1. sylvia edna April 9, 2020 at 1:57 PM

    Yes, the notebook is so close to my heart. Always, several notebooks around the house since a child and still now as an adult. I always buy them in packs, separate from the ones my kids need.

    1. J. Money April 10, 2020 at 12:35 PM

      Cool! Do you keep them all too, like in a special bookshelf or something? I bet they’re fun to go through over the years :)

  2. Slackerjo April 9, 2020 at 10:43 PM

    Dear Diary,
    Today is, um?
    Asked “can you take me off speaker phone” 50 times
    Did I shower this morning or was it last night?
    I hope my new friend the pigeon visits me.

    1. J. Money April 10, 2020 at 12:37 PM

      I’d like to learn more about that pigeon friend, please :)

  3. catseye April 15, 2020 at 3:56 AM

    Framing your kids’ “wall art” is hilarious as well as cool as all get out! Make sure to take photos in case you must move or sell the house so the artist’s work is preserved.
    I also love the notebook idea. Think of all the family history that could be written down for future generations.

    1. J. Money April 15, 2020 at 6:18 AM

      Good call on the photos, otherwise you’ll have to be pretty skilled at replacing drywall! ;)