What New Year’s Resolutions?

J's New Year's ResolutionsRemember those? The ones you made right before you partied like it was 2009? I didn’t, until my shower this morning started populating my head full of random thoughts. And I must admit, if it weren’t for this blog I’d probably have forgotten them altogether. Alas, it is all tracked on this super duper weblog.

I find it’s good to go over these every now and then to a) make sure you’re still on track, and b) give yourself a pat on the back for all you’ve accomplished (or, if deserved, a punch in the face for being a slacker. Luckily though, only you get to be the judge of that). Let’s see how I’m doing, shall we? My 2009 New Years Resolutions:

Personal Finance

  1. Pay off the last of the car loans – $3,214.87. Completed! I paid off the entire Cadillac, along with the other loans I had associated with it (selling my Highlander had left me $1-2$k in the whole. Stupid SUVs and ’08 gas gouges). Going on month #6 of no car payments!
  2. Combine and analyze the Mrs. and I’s money – expenses, assets, net worths. Shockingly, this is also done. We combined all our finances on paper/spreadsheets back in January and have looked forward ever since. We keep a few accounts separately in our own names still (like our “do whatever” funds), but we track ’em all as one big net worth. It still feels kinda weird though, I’m not gonna lie.
  3. Hit $2,000 on the sell-o-meter. FAIL. The sell-o-meter is still frozen at $907.00 – exactly how it was 9+ months ago. Every time I find something to sell, I end up piling it in a corner and convincing myself it’s not worth the time at that moment. 50% of this is true – blogging has taken up way more than it used to – and 50% is just plain laziness. It’s true I value blogging & internet time more than selling something for $5 or $10, but I also know that I don’t want that stuff in the house anymore and I have to kick my ass into gear to either sell it or donate it. Especially now that I’m trying to be a minimalist :)
  4. Have a combined Net Worth of $125k. Soooooo close! $6k away and hoping to hit this by the end of September :) For the dirty deets, check out my net worth updates to see how it’s progressing.

Life In General

  1. Write more letters instead of emails 24/7. 75% FAIL. I wrote like 5 letters in January to old high school friends, but after the novelty wore off I just plain forgot. Maybe I should put a goal like to send 1 letter every month or something? Even if it’s just to my mom – they love that stuff :)
  2. Put up crown molding and new light fixtures in the house (yikes!). BIG FAIL. Have not installed crown molding NOR new light fixtures. I still have the urges to do this, but money and time are just getting in the way right now. I think I’ll leave this be until next year’s resolutions ;)
  3. Travel to a new foreign country! (we won’t count Bahamas) Another FAIL. Although I’ve done a helluva job circling around some incredible states these days – New Orleans, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and as already mentioned – the Bahamas! Ireland is reason I made up this goal though, trying to figure out the best time to go still.

Bloggy Blog: (* = long shot)

  1. Keep blogging at least once a day, M-F. Done and Done. Sometimes I even do two (*gasp*). I’ve considered switching to 3 times a week, but I write much better under stricter deadlines when I’m forced to dig into this brain of mine last minute. Most of my favorite posts came when I initially wasn’t in the mood to write (as crazy as it sounds, I really don’t like writing in general).
  2. Hit 2,000 subscribers! * We’re getting there :) I’d happily retire the year with 1100+ anyday.
  3. Make a total of $6,000 through advertising. ** Completed! I don’t know how, or why for that matter, but there’s been an upswing in my advertising efforts. Might blog more on this later.
  4. Get featured in the media (TV, Magazine, Consumerist) *** No TV, but I got into my first magazine this month AND on Consumerist – twice! Not to mention one of my favorite big blogs MSN Smart Money (featured there a handful of times this year). Great GREAT few months in this department, and actually working on a “BudgetsAreSexy In The Media” post which will come out soon. Perfect for those days I’m hating on myself.
  5. Interview a celebrity about their money skillz ***** Does J.D. and Trent Count? How about Ramit? ;) Financial bloggers aside, I’ve scored a big goose egg on this one. Although I haven’t put much effort into this until recently – I shot over an interview request to Chris Cooley, a rock star NFL player for my Wash. Redskins. His people haven’t gotten back to me yet, but it’s safe to say my hail mary pass will go uncaught (hardy har har). In the meantime, if you have celebrity friends SEND THEM OVER! I’ll handsomely reward you with a 6 pack of virtual Natty Light and a dozen or two email hugs. Maybe more if I’m feeling feisty.

Overall I’m happy. No Pressure, No Problem as I said back then. Life has been good and I can cross half these things off the list now. I don’t know if I’ll be spending any more time on the failed ones at all, but as long as I’m working on *something* I’ll consider it a win. That’s really the point of all these resolutions – to work towards bettering yourself. If you can figure out a way to make that happen, you’re head of the rest out there.

Speaking of which, how are you guys coming along? Anyone whipping my ass? Anyone give up already? Do you even REMEMBER what your resolutions are? Can I ask you yet another question?

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