Wedding Pictures Update: The proofs are now "stolen".

The wedding pics debacle continues….

“The last 3 days have been a nightmare-and-a-half. My car was stolen while I was in my photo shoot on Sunday in downtown (edited) — or at least I thought it was stolen; thankfully I had my equipment with me. My cell phone is in the car too since I didn’t want it ringing during my job.”

The email gets a little crazier after that, and goes onto say that it was actually repossessed (not stolen) because of bad paperwork, and that he’s working on reproducing the prints now, as well as uploading them online so we can at least SEE them.

But it really didn’t matter what the next 4 paragraphs actually said, because all i could think at that point was, “$hit, our pictures are lost”.

I feel for the guy, i really do, but it’s starting to get out of hand regardless if he’s telling us the truth or not. Because if he is, his life sucks (his previous email mentioned being out of thousands and thousands of dollars because a client renigged, and thus having to move across country to “live”.). And if he isn’t, then something’s mentally wrong with that kid….which would be a complete 180 as the guy is pretty freakin’ smart, not to mention GREAT at what he does – taking pictures.

Either way, i followed up with the following,

“first off, thank you for responding. if you could please do so every day, even if it’s a “nothing is new” that will help as we’re both extremely close to losing it. in fact, we’re even considering other options should this not be resolved in the very near future, which we’d really hate to do.

we have been very happy with your services the entire point up until now, and of course we wish the best for you no matter what is happening. that being said, however, i can’t say that i really care anymore what the reasons are, or if i believe them for that matter.

all i know is that our pictures have been due for months now, per the contract, and our patience is dwindling. if there if there is even the slightest possibility that our proofs/raw images do not exist anymore, please give it to us straight so that we can go from there.

again, we sincerely hope things do get better for you, but please keep us updated no matter what.

ps: and just so i understand correctly, are you saying that our proof album is in the car that you cannot get back? because i have to tell you, it seems odd being that your cell phone that was left in there is seemingly turning on and off while it is “lost”. And as you know, you certainly have the ability to check your voicemails from anywhere in the world.”

And that’s where we’re at kiddies. The whole thing just blows, and now we are at the mercy of his future responses until we see, or don’t see, the pictures online. Once that happens, we’ll know what we’re dealing with. Happy Wednesday?

UPDATE: Oct 1st, evening: The Mrs. and i couldn’t sleep, and felt that i may have been a little harsh on him because it’s very possible he’s not doing so good in life right now. If these pics are low on his priority list, then i’m afraid to ask what’s high on it. Anyways, we felt bad and sent him this email before going to bed. At the very least we feel better about it, even if we are being “too nice”.

“Hey (edited),

I just wanted to say i’m sorry if i came across a bit harsh on that last email. I hope you could understand where our frustration is coming from. If you could please just confirm that the originals are okay, and that we will definitely get them, it would be really helpful for us in remaining patient.

We have you in our thoughts, and sincerely hope your situation gets worked out.

I’ll keep ya posted…
UPDATE: Oct 2nd, morning: He emails back saying they aren’t lost! In fact, he backs them up in 3 different places :)

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