Wedding Pics Update: It’s on Like Donkey Kong! (F-Face)

you STILL suckThat’s right my friends, Mr. Nice Guy has left the building! It’s been 3 weeks since F-Face (aka our wedding photographer) last contacted us, and we’ve decided to take action now.

For all the new folds reading, you can click here, here, here, or here for an update of your choice….although, sadly, it amounts to a pile of lies on the bridge to nowhere.

So why the sudden urge to do something about it NOW? Well i’ll tell you:

1) I’ve completely lost my patience. We’ve been more than nice & understanding throughout this whole debacle, and it’s obviously not getting us anywhere.
2) YOU GUYS have been telling me to do this from the start! And after trying it MY way for the past 30 days, it’s about time i try out YOURS ;)
3) I just found out this D-Head did this same thing to one of his best friends!!! WTF?

Yes, it looks like this guy has been up to a mess of jerkness for the past cple years. This old best friend i speak of was found on Facebook by the Mrs. who knew she had used him for her own wedding. And it turns out, the closer you are to him, the worst he treats you. I know this because the Mrs. hit her up and asked about her situation.

The more i heard about it, the more furious i got! This poor girl got married in Sep ’07, and promised the proofs and online pics by Nov. She didn’t get ANYTHING until June of ’08!!! 9 F’ing months??? They used to talk a few times every single day, so not only did she get f’d over w/ the pics (she never got the actual photos, ONLY the proofs) but she lost one of her best friends :(

Lastly, before i tell you what we’re doing now, here are a few of the excuses he threw out to her:

  • His mom accidently spilled paint all over her proofs the day he was to deliver them!
  • Then there was a “billing issue” w/ the company re-printing them.
  • And then there were problems with his cell phone not receiving texts/calls. (sound familiar?)

    Pulling the same $hit all over town? What a D-head! There’s no way in hell i’m letting this drag on any longer. It’s time to take action as many of you have mentioned in the past – no more games.

    You’ll be happy to know that 2 Fridays ago we filed a BBB complaint! That’s right, we gathered all of our notes and dates, and put it all together into a perfect little case. And i gotta tell you, it was damn easy to file! I highly suggest it if you ever go through a mess w/ any company .

    The BBB says they’ll have an update within 30 days, good or bad, at which point we’ll take the appropiate action (aka Court). In the meantime we’ll be researching the best & quickest way to file this in small claims. It’ll suck, but it’s all about the principal now. As soon as i have those bad boys in hand – originals and all – i’ll be smearing his company’s name all over the net…i’ve had it.

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