Wedding Pics Update: I think that F’er is lying & I’m losing it

Every week there’s some other lame a$$ excuse holding up our pics. First it was having to sue someone and then moving out of state, then it was losing the proofs when his mother’s car got repo’d, then came the apology and promise to make right, and now it’s back to the lies and piss poor communication again.

It’s been 9 days since my last post on this, and what i SHOULD be writing about right now is how happy we are viewing all of our pictures on, and even how sexier they are printed out in our proof album! but noooooooooo…instead, i have to (yet again) bitch about how this whole thing is a colossal regret, and how i’m about to turn into an extremely annoying client (think calling every single hour, on the hour, until we get a response).

Is it time to take “other actions” now? I don’t know. He really does have all the power here considering he holds our once-in-a-lifetime pictures. One bad move on our end can send them right down the toilet…if they haven’t been trashed already.

The sad part is that a couple we know who JUST had their wedding 3 weeks ago, has already gotten their pictures back!!! I’ll leave you with our latest correspondence for now, and then pray the next post about this will be something POSITIVE for once. All this negativity just blows :(

  • October 2nd: Part of his email to us:

    “Didn’t get all the photos uploaded yesterday because I kept losing my internet connection. Working on that more today.”

  • October 6th: Mrs. Budgetsaresexy’s email:

    “D-head (edited),

    Will the online pictures be available soon?


  • October 8th: Mrs. Budgetsaresexy’s email:

    “?? Any response is helpful.”

  • October 9th: He emails back:

    “Sorry for the delayed response. I’m in la-la land (edited) helping my mom so no phone reception. I’m still organizing the images online. It didn’t take the categories I sent it in. Which I know means nothing to you, it’s just I have to re-do everything in terms of organizing the images. I should hopefully have all that up and organized by tomorrow at the latest.


  • October 10th (in the pm): Mrs Budgetsaresexy’s email:

    “How are we looking on this front?”

  • October 11th: The Mrs. send over a pretty detailed and punishing email…if it weren’t so long, i’d post it, but it’s pretty long :) You can imagine what was inside of it though.
  • October 12th: I call a few times, no answer. I call from a different phone #, no answer. i leave a message stating simply, “What the hell is going on dude?”. No answer, yet.
  • UPDATE: October 13th: left another voicemail, email, text message, facebook msg (which got deleted asap – shocker!) and 2 blog “comments”…i know those will get deleted too, but at least he knows we’re not f’ing around anymore.
  • UPDATE: October 14th: Starting to file a BBB report now, and then it’s on to warn him one last time before we file for small claims court. (THANKS everyone for your encouragement!!!) Will keep you updated…

So another week, another bunch of nothing. But thanks for letting me vent! I promise to hold it all in until the next week or so when we have more solid news :) HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY everyone!

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