Visualizing a Life Without Debt.

IH8 DEBTCheck that out: IH8 DEBT. Hah! That belongs to my boy Brad from Enemy of Debt and just goes to show how passionate he is about spreading the good word.

And if that’s not refreshing enough, just read any of his posts – that guy puts his entire heart and soul into this stuff! So today, I pimp him out to you all ;)

We may disagree on leveraging our credit cards to our benefit, but he’s got a firm grasp on what he wants in life and how to acheive it. And one of the ways he does this is by visualizing. In particularly, visualizing a life without debt! It may sound hokey, but it’s certainly working for him. And he’s now working to convet me as well – check out his latest email to me, freakin’ brilliant:

Working subliminally on J’s future thoughts –> Breath deep, & clear your mind…Now picture yourself on a tropical island, sipping on your favorite drink. Picture you and your wife on a spontaneous vacation debt free with no payment in the world!

With no debt you have funded this 7 day vacation at the last minute with your last paycheck, after all you are Jay Money who is making BANK now! You are relaxed because you have no financial concerns because EVERYTHING is paid for. Knowing this you decided to have your next 4 paychecks directly deposited into your chosen investments, with the fifth one going to your favorite charities. Compound interest is your bee-otch and is now working harder than you are. Your earnings from Budgets Are Sexy are covering utilities, fun, and other expenses. Playa play on!

At the end of your vacation you pull your paid for car into your paid for garage, and walk into your paid for house. Now you and your wife decide to go chill with some drinks and have a relaxing swim in your paid for pool. Ahhh…complete freedom from ALL debt, even good debt, has more options after all. Now you consider calling Brad from Enemy of Debt, to thank him for being so damn cool! LIFE IS GOOD! VISUALIZE!

I like it! I want in! haha…I sincerely thank him for allowing me to post this up. It’s people like him who get us energized and really INTO this finance stuff. Straight up how-to blogs have their part in the online world, but it’s that extra “it” factor that really draws you in and gets you to actually act on it. So keep doing good things over there Brad, I’m proud to call you my friend! *end man love*

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