Life Insurance & Ninjas? Talk about niche marketing…

ninja advOMG this is hilarious!!! I’ve seen pics like this around, but NEVER in a million years did i expect to find it in any form of marketing, especially promoting LIFE INSURANCE?!

W-O-W. Seriously, they are insane.

On the flip side, at least i found it on (a mini-paper from The Washington Post crew for a quick read). It’s pretty obvious they’re aiming for the younger generation, and i bet they’ll even catch a few of those older ones trying to be “hip”.

I mean, i don’t blame them for trying. Anything “ninja” is super trendy, and these days even extremely viral. $hit, i’m talking about it right now and spreading it even further!

I guess i just can’t take the ad seriously. Or should i say the actual company being promoted by it…i know NOTHING at all about the company itself, it can very well be legit, but it just reeks of a fly-by-night organization to me. Oh well, it sure did make for a good laugh :)

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