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Hey guys!

Been a while since I’ve pointed out a bunch of the resources on this blog, so thought I’d drop a quick line today to re-share some of ’em so you know they exist… Especially as it seems no one pays attention to menus and sidebars anymore ;)

Hope this helps! Especially for all the newer readers of the blog!


Good lists to know about:


A list of my favorite financial products and services –> Recommendations Page

A list of all my favorite bloggers! (Financial and lifestyle) –> Blogroll (a long lost art of the blogging world these days!! And one I wish would come back as it was SOOOOO helpful in finding new blogs to read!! Please add one for your own community if you’re a blogger!)

A list of all our featured Side Hustles over the years (75 of them now!) –> Side Hustle Series

A list of great (FREE) spreadsheets and templates –> Best Free Budget Templates & Spreadsheets

A list of all (132) of our net worth reports –> Ultimate Net Worth Tracker

A list of everyone who’s joined our Million Dollar Club! –> Million Dollar Club

And then the granddaddy of lists – the archives of all (2,489) blog posts written over the past (11) years so far –> Budgets Are Sexy Archives


Other links you might find helpful:


Link to subscribe to our daily newsletter –> Daily Newsletter

Link to subscribe to our *weekly* newsletter –> Weekly Newsletter

Link to my online portfolio/resume –>

Link to my resume of “fails” ;) –>

Links to the main *categories* we write about here on the blog –> In sidebar

Links to the *Most Popular* blog posts each year, along with my *Personal Favorites* –> Also in sidebar… Here’s a sneak peek of last years’ if you didn’t catch ’em:

And then of course there’s a nifty “search box” towards the top of the right sidebar as well…


Bookmark away if you like something you see!

Thanks for always trusting me with your eyeballs!!

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  1. Bryan February 20, 2019 at 7:28 AM

    My favorite book so far. JL Collins “The Simple Path to Wealth.” That book sums up everything that everyone here is trying to do. Breaks it down nice and neat. Save the Stash, where to put the Stash, and how to withdraw the Stash. Done. Amen brother!

    1. J. Money February 20, 2019 at 8:11 AM

      Yup – another great one! You could probably have a list 100-long in this space, but then no one will check it out as everyone has A.D.D. these days, haha… But I’m def. a fan of supporting “blogger books,” so thanks for highlighting that one here :)


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