Lovin’ and Updates

Hot Dogs, this site’s been up and running for over 1 month now! And so far i’m lovin’ it :) Not only is it fun unloading all this info onto the finance world, but you guys are helping me learn a lot at the same time. I think that’s the best part….that, and i can actually talk turkey w/ people who WANT to listen ;)

So, THANK YOU all commenters & fellow pf bloggers, it feels great to be alive and bloggin’!

And, just cuz i’m feeling extra spicy today, here’s a quick update on all the challenges i’m up to:

No buying random crap (for Lent): not a thing since my initial mess up! i gotta say, it’s been a lot easier lately as i’m now used to it. although, i won’t complain once Easter has passed ;) This time next week i’m allowed to buy anything i damn well please! not that i will. i am getting frugal’er as the days pass. haha…

A Dollar a Day: the George Washington’s are still piling up in there! i have now amassed…drum roll please… $21.00! that sounds about right. i’m too lazy today to verify the total ratio of days worked vs. non-workdays this time around. but since i am still going strong here, i say we’re doing alright.

No spending $ on work days: a. big. fat. failure. i lost on day one as i happily conceded in a past post. turns out this isn’t my forte. BUT, i’ve only eaten out 2 times in the past 6 work days….so that should count for something.

– *Days in a row NOT eating McDonalds: 1225 That’s like what, over 3 years! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??? not that there’s any real point to this to be honest, but it’s still an unbelievable feat for me. keep in mind this was my favorite place in the world, and has since been replaced w/ Wendy’s. But even these days i’ve been skimping on the fast food. to this my body adds, “THANK YOU”… i think it’s pretty happy on that one.

See you happy campers tomorrow!


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