Life Experiences Far Outweigh the Cost of Attaining Them

Life over money.I was reminded of this when it came time to drop $300 on plane tickets to New Orleans.

As you all know, I’m a pretty frugal guy when it comes down to it, so for me to spend that kind of money w/out much thought says something. And what it was saying this week was IT’S BOYS WEEKEND, baby – time for a little fun!

That means plenty of laughs, plenty of bevies, and plenty of good old fashion fun to be had. Yup, when it comes to traveling and spending time with your closest friends – what I deem “Life Experiences” – you take every opportunity you can, even if you have to scrounge around a bit. (or maybe not if you have that Fun Fund built up!)

It may cost a nice chunk of change sometimes, but that’ll be the last thing on your mind when you’re old and gray telling stories of the “good ol’ days” ;) That $300 would have been long gone anyways, but those stories of catching Uncle Charlie passed out on stranger’s lawns wearing nothing but a sombrero will be instant classics! And hopefully passed down through generation after generation too! haha….

You still have to be smart about it and do your research to find the best deals out there, but the point is you can’t buy adventures like that (or even time for that matter). What we hold onto in life are all the wonderful memories and friendships we experienced, not the money. Having bushels of it is nice, but at some point it’s gotta be spent. And if not on a trip w/ all your closest friends, then when?

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