A bunch of great articles I’ve enjoyed lately 👍


Here are a bunch of great articles from around the web I’ve enjoyed recently…

Def. going to start tracking that walking one and see where I end up! Super cool idea!

Come across anything yourself you’ve really liked?!


relative importance in 2020

It’s Okay To Laugh via Accidental FIRE — “I’ve been blogging for about 2.5 years but have never had anything truly go viral, until now. My infographic post from April 3rd, titled “Relative Importance in 2020, So Far”, has made it’s way around the world in ways I could never have imagined and I’m grateful but also a bit freaked out.”

Welcome to Your Retirement Test Drive via Retire by 40 — “People, I got bad news. Social distancing is your retirement test drive. This is life in retirement, on hard mode*. If you can’t deal with this, you are not ready for retirement. They aren’t exactly the same, but there are many similarities. Let’s go through some of them.”

Take The Long View via Raptitude — “No matter what my current worries are, they ultimately concern a small part of my entire life, and my life is one of many billions of lives on Earth, each with its own concerns. And no matter what happens in any of those lives, Saturn is still out there, looking gorgeous, unconcerned with coronavirus, the S&P 500, and any of our grey hairs.”


Get rich… in Monk Mode via The Escape Artist — “Now is the perfect time to experience what I call Monk Mode. In Monk Mode you work, you think and you rest. Then you repeat. In Monk Mode you spend NO MONEY other than needed for food and utilities.”

National Parks In America Based On Their Worst Review (16 Pics) via Bored Panda — “I’m an illustrator and I have always had a personal goal to draw all 62 US National Parks, but I wanted to find a unique twist for the project. When I found that there are one-star reviews for every single park, the idea for Subpar Parks was born.”

J.Money: Accidental Entrepreneur & The ‘Drama List’ via WealthFit — “In this amazing show, we talk about budgets and how they can be sexy. We talk about being an accidental entrepreneur, the drama list and why everybody needs the drama list. We talk about the ride of going from $50,000 in net worth all the way to $1 million and where you can see this each and every year undocumented. We also get into a $40 bottle of water and how that’s even possible.”

how far i've walked map

I’ve walked to… via Prepare 2 FIRE — “In early February, I posted that I was walking each day and to make it more enjoyable I would imagine myself walking across the country. I’m walking for overall better health. While I do enjoy getting out each day, the added incentive to now see where I will end up on a map is making it more fun…”

Six Feet of Separation – A Youth Newspaper via FlipSnack.com — A purely joyful read including reviews of last night’s dinner, a homemade Mad Libs, and a pencil drawing of a bird sitting on a cat. [Hat tip to Digit.co for pointing this one out!]

5 Months To Retirement: Yes I’m Still Quitting In September via A Purple Life — “As I’ve said before, I’m not afraid to be a ‘failed’ retiree. Even with all the planning in the world, any retirement can fail given the right mix of circumstances… But I am afraid to let my life or the lives of my loved ones pass me by while I sit chained to a desk.”

leon meditation curb enthusiasm

Guided Meditation Video With Leon via YouTube (NSFW) — Journey into serenity with Curb Your Enthusiasm’s notoriously zen Leon, J. B. Smoove ;)

Man cheers up his neighbors during lockdown by putting cringey dad joke placards in his front garden via Daily Mail — “The anonymous neighbor, who lives in LA, shares daily quarantine jokes to lift the spirits in his local area.”

How The Rich Are Running From Coronavirus via LA Times — “Encased in steel, the bunkers come with a variety of add-ons such as escape tunnels, hidden doors, bullet-proof glass and pepper spray portals. For those with a bit more coin, Lynch and his team will make the bunker feel like a home. “Movie theaters are common,” he said. “We built one in California that has a shooting range, swimming pool and bowling alley.””

Great Love & Great Suffering by Josh Radnor — “There’s something so moving about the millions of people taking the quarantine seriously because it signals a deep belief in community and a respect for the most vulnerable among us. I look at staying in as a civic responsibility, a powerful statement that I am a member of a community, a resident of a state, and a citizen of a country. My life is not for me and me alone.”


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    1. J. Money April 17, 2020 at 6:48 AM

      Congrats on all the press it’s gotten so far!! Super creative! (And true! :))

  1. Ed April 17, 2020 at 9:20 AM

    That Accidental Fire graph is great and it’s awesome to see it popping up everywhere. Thanks for leading with it and making sure AF correctly got credit – it’s amazing the amount of copies I’ve seen.

    I really enjoyed the Wealth Fit interview – glad you linked it since I’d missed it.

    1. J. Money April 17, 2020 at 10:38 AM

      Oh good!! It was a fun podcast to be on :) Much more fun than actually *hosting them* and doing all the work involved, haha… I give podcasters mad credit! They’re passionate!

  2. Mr. P2F April 22, 2020 at 10:20 AM

    Jay, Thanks for the inclusion! Apologies for the late recognition of your post….been side tracked the past week. Best to you!

    1. J. Money April 22, 2020 at 4:05 PM

      No worries at all – we’re in crazy times right now! Just hope you’re sticking to all that walking! :)