Does it matter who the "breadwinner" is anymore?

Money: Male vs. FemaleBecause I have to be honest, I’d totally be cool if the Mrs. made more than me. In fact, I might even prefer it! That would mean a lot more money coming in (esp since she’s a grad student right now, haha…) but even more so it would mean her career would be movin’ and shakin’. And if we had two people bringing $75k+? I couldn’t even imagine what that would do to our finances.

I’ll even take it one step further, cuz I’m crazy like that – When it’s time to have those babies, I’d even stay at home if she wanted me to! I know it’s a lot more work than I could ever imagine, but the idea of blogging full-time and working on all my side projects would be killer. As long as I had the freedom to get outside and mingle with other humans and all I think I could manage it. Plus, don’t stay-at-home moms take their kids out to parks and shopping malls and stuff like that anyways? Maybe I could form some “Daddy Daycare” where we take turns watching the brood while playing poker or something ;)

But dream life aside, I really don’t see the problem here. Would we suck as men if we can’t bring more home than the woman? Does it mean we’re not worthy of a happy life? I know it’s in our genes to be super competitive and all (as with a lot of chicks I know), but if you’re in a truly loving relationship I’d imagine you’d want what’s best for the family regardless. Or at least I’d hope. I don’t have any experience to back it up myself, but I’m fairly certain the future me would agree.

All in all, I think it’s awesome that women are earning more these days. It might hurt a few frail egos at first, but people will learn to get over it. It’s when your household is bringing in substantially LESS when you have to worry! So congratulate your girl if she’s rockin’ it out – she’s making your family that much stronger.

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