5 things about J. Money

Why hello, and welcome to my blog! (Talk Soup anyone?) I was on Chicky Finance’s blog the other day….well every day :), and i loved her “do you want to know me better?” post. I love how we’re all anonymous and therefore pretty open and honest, but there’s something even more seductive about peering into other’s lives!

Kinda like those blogger’s who have a picture of themselves, but their faces or other parts are covered JUST ENOUGH so you can’t make them out. Krystal..cough cough….stacking pennies cough cough. haha… it’s like ahhhhh, i want to see! now! Ah well, i guess that keeps things exciting. I mean, it’s not like i’m posting my face all over here ;)

Anyways, this leads me to today’s fun little ditty of “5 things about me”. Here are 5 items around my house (i was gonna do work, but there’s people surrounding me) that say a little somethin’ somethin’ of myself:

1) Records! i heart them like woah. everything from James Taylor (my all time fav.) to CCR, The Beatles, and the classic crooners. There’s nothing more romantic, and pimp-ish, as playing some Sinatra while eating a nice Italian dinner. mmm mmm….

2) Traveling. one of my all time things to do! anywhere from road trips, to international doings, i’m loving it. just can’t shake that military life outta me. St. Lucia and Ireland are on my next list!

3) Fishy fish :) there’s something about those little guys that add joy to my life. it’s especially awesome that they’ve been reproducing and populating my tank w/out me doing anything but feeding them! it’s sorta like that show Paradise Hotel, haha.

4) Kayaking on our lake. one of the things that sold us on our townhouse was the fact that we’re literally 100 ft from a huuuuuuge lake. this makes it SUPER easy for city-folk like myself to enjoy kayaking, canoeing, and even fishing! i’m thinking i should combine #3 and #4 here by kayaking onto the lake, catching a fish, and then plopping her right into a large fish tank :) unfort. i don’t think she’d last.

5) Lastly, playing and watching football! Mrs. Budgetsaresexy got me playing again a cple years ago (we play in a co-ed league around town) and i absolutely love it. and in the fall, what’s better than winning a game, grabbing a beer, and then throwing on your fav. team’s jersey and watching THEM win?! that is, of course, if you’re rooting for the Redskins!

Alrighty, that’s the whole kitten caboodle. Your turn!

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