25 Random & Possibly Odd Things about Me, J. Money

My Name is J. MoneyYep, I have succumbed to social media and agreed to do a meme today. At first I wasn’t too keen on the idea, but after getting tagged in Facebook, Myspace, and then (to my surprise) the PF world here, I figured why not?

Sure this is a finance blog, but it’s also a “personal” finance one too – so I suppose dishing the dirt on myself kinda sorta fits in here ;) So this one’s for you Kristy @ Master Your Card!

But rather than doing a kosher “here’s 25 things about me”, I figured you’d rather hear 25 “random & odd” things about me. Makes it more interesting, right? And if you could care less (I wouldn’t blame ya) check out my interview over at Studenomics today! My man did a great job – thanks bro :)

Alrighty – Buckle up your seatbelts kids, here we go:

  1. I eat macaroni & cheese with mustard.
  2. I’ve moved over 30+ times in my life. (military kid + ants in my pants)
  3. I often feel the need to give everyone High Fives when i’m drinking.
  4. I’m addicted to reality tv shows.
  5. Sometimes I say I like all music except country, but deep down i really DO like country ;)
  6. I get asked at LEAST once a week if I’m in a band….and everytime i consider lying and saying I am. Actually, once I got mistaken for some lead singer I’ve never heard of, and when asked for my autograph I gave it. no harm in that right?
  7. Sometimes I think it would be cool to try every single drug out there just once so I know what it’s about…and then other times I wanna punch myself in the face for thinking that.
  8. My favorite alcoholic drink are Long Island Iced Teas, followed by Bailys on ice.
  9. I once flew to The Mall of America for the day, and then flew back hours later. Much easier to do when you work for the airlines ;)
  10. I get really competitive when playing Kickball.
  11. I have the memory of a goldfish.
  12. I really hate it when people are mean for the sake of being mean.
  13. I’ve had my hair dyed blue, green, purple, red, orange, and platinum. And once I even tried growing dreads, which really turned out to look like little worms hanging around.
  14. i often write like a little kid just to see if it matters.
  15. I thought doing this list would be quick and easy. It’s not so easy, and I’ve spent 30 mins so far.
  16. Mrs. Budgetsaresexy and i met at a bar. She asked me where the bathroom was, and I told her. I then asked her to dance and she said no….but my dance moves must have been pretty sweet as she was lured back in ;)
  17. We have a cat who likes to dig through my spare change jar, and then throw the coins all over our bedroom floor.
  18. I almost got arrested once while hosting a “hugs and thugs” party in college…turns out answering the door for the police while brandishing a fake gun and a beer in your hand doesn’t go over too well. (the ladies of the house were able to woo over the officer)
  19. I once went to an audition for American Idol. You know that rocker guy who got through last night? that wasn’t me….
  20. Sometimes I wonder how i’ve kept this blog going for so long since I usually hate writing.
  21. I would spend $5.00 for a banana if I had to.
  22. I can’t stand the word “gnarly” – esp. when used to describe something positive.
  23. I don’t understand why guys get tongue rings?
  24. I have the most loving and understanding family in the whole world, which can be somewhat strange considering my father is an ex-Marine.
  25. If i were ever to win the lottery, I’d randomly mail out crisp $100 bills around town.

And I’m spent….that was alot harder than i thought! I know I’m supposed to forward this along to some other bloggers out there, but instead I urge you just to do it if the mood strikes you :) But be sure to let link back so we can stalk you check it out! Till next time brothers & sisters…Moneyyyyyy OUT.

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