Would You Rather…Have extra MONEY or extra TIME?

would you rather...It’s time to play another rousing game of Would You Rather! My brain is still reeling from the $50 vs Sex poll I wrote about earlier, but since we already covered that one I thought I’d bring up the ol’ “money vs. time” dilemma. It might not be as sexy, but it’s still interesting to think about:

“Would You Rather…Have an extra $100 of income every week (un-taxed), OR an extra hour every day (giving you 25 hours instead of 24)?”

I can tell you right now, I’d take the extra hour hands down. ESP if I could pick when to use the hour ;) Imagine, laying in bed and trying to wake up and then PRESTO! One free hour coming up! Or you’re at work trying to slam through a project and time is running out. No problemo – just reach into your pocket and pull out a bright and shiny hour! Or better yet, use it when you’re trying to knock out a blog post @ work and your boss comes in to tell you he needs an errand run ;) (not that it just happened to me or anything…cuz that would be bad…like, really bad…right?)

But even without picking when to use it, time is one of the main things money can’t buy. And lately, I’ve been unfortunately short on it. When my brain kicks into creative overdrive, I need all the hours I can get to pump out my projects. The $400 a month would be awesome, but money doesn’t power my ventures, hard work does. (side note: if you ask my wife, she’d totally take the money. She feels that the more time you have, the more you’d procrastinate and change your schedule around anyways, so that extra hour would just be wasted. To be honest, I see her point. I’d just like more time to live.)

But it’s not up to my wife (hah!), it’s up to YOU. If the would-you-rather genie came to your neck of the woods, which are you going with – the extra hour or the $100/week?

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