Wills & Trusts Are VERY Important. Grab this free kit!

In Wills We TrustIf you don’t already have a will or trust set up, it’s time you get one! I know it sounds morbid, but it’s so SO important to have – and you only have to do it ONCE :) Well, you have to update it every few years, but that’s a helluva lot easier to do than getting the original one down.

I’ve been trying to start ours for 2 years now, and it finally looks like we’ll git ‘er done this week. Not that I think something bad’s about to happen or anything (knock on wood) but because Suze Orman is giving away a FREE Will and Trust kit!!! If that’s not enough to get us off our lazy asses, I don’t know what is.

I’ve only just begun filling out the online forms, but so far so easy. The first few screens you enter basic info like your name, address, general finances, etc, and then when you’re finished it pops you out a list of all the forms that need to be prepared (based on your state and this info). Here’s what it said WE need to do:

Suze Orman's Will & Trust Kit
I haven’t continued on as yet (best to allot for the time needed to fill out each of these bad boys) but once you sign up it allows you to create a username and password – perfect for those like me who needs to come back a little later :) The entire kit is online, although you can pay to upgrade, and it asks for your comfort level as to what you’d like the site to save, and what you’d rather it not. I’m giving it every last bit so that when I’m finished I can just print them out & lock ’em in my safe! Then when we produce little rugrats and/or the winning lottery ticket, I can just log back on and update whatever needed – perfecto presto.

Wills and Trusts are very very important so that all your money & assets go to the exact people you want them to go to! The last thing you need is the gov’t or state stepping in and claiming your houses or funds because the paperwork wasn’t set up properly (or at all). I’m no expert in this field so I can’t tell you when a state does or doesn’t get your property, or *who* exactly is entitled to them if you have no will, BUT I can tell you it’s not worth the risk. You want your assets going to your loved ones safely and securely without anyone fighting over them & breaking up your family when you’re long gone.

So GO TO SUZE’S SITE and sign up for this free kit while it’s still FREE!!! It ends this Saturday, October 3rd so hurry up – you can always go back later and fill out everything once you create your account. The code you’ll need to get this for free is 898989 and you enter it after clicking that orange “Gift Code” button on the right side.

I know this stuff isn’t fun to think about, but again it’s very very important. Remember, once you do it the first time all you have to do is update it whenever major life changes occur (marriage, kids, deaths, etc). And luckily, by the time one of these events occur you’ll have forgotten how boring it all was anyways! haha…So please, spend a few minutes and get started on it. It’s all for your loved ones.

Big thanks to Common Sense With Money for the heads up on this!

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