What’s up with your pictures, J? Did you get them? Tell us!

you STILL suckBack by popular demand, here’s an update on our wedding picture fiasco! I realize it’s not the most positive thing to read these days, so feel free to X on out and move onto the next site you’re addicted to ;)

So where did we leave off? Oh yes, we threatened our good friend d-head w/ court if he didn’t send us our pics by this last Friday, November 14th. And, naturally, he didn’t send them.

So we started researching court and mediation and stuff like that, but they all required an address to send the documentation to and all (which we didn’t have) and stated that without it, the process could be severely delayed and hard to get started.

Now, i’m no judicial genius, but it seemed like we’re pretty screwed without it. That means the little bastard has allllll the power! But before we could get down on ourselves, a very magical thing happened out of thin air!

An idea popped into my head! And this idea told me that if we could create our OWN power/leverage/bargaining chip, that we could get this resolved much quicker.

Know what came to me? The power of the internet! I mean, just blogging anonymously about it gets people riled up and passionate, but imagine stating all the names and company involved and all, right? And then plastering it all over the net, in other blogs, wedding forums, facebook, myspace, and even sending it to newspapers and tv stations! Talk about creating some mad leverage ;)

So that’s exactly what i did this weekend – I spent 5 hours creating an entire blog around this issue. And let me tell you, it’s not your ordinary one ;) I named names, attached emails and our contract, and linked the HELL out of the whole thing for better SEO and chances it’ll rise to the top in Google and such. I even bought a domain name and everything, just to prove how serious i was!

I also talked it over w/ a lawyer friend of mine to make sure i can’t get in trouble for slander or anything of that nature. I’m probably still on the border of that, but i was told that as long as i “stick to the facts” and not assume anything or lie or write anything that i can’t prove and back up, that it’s fair game (What do you think jessica?). I mean, if it works for Consumerist.com, maybe it’ll work for me?

The point of this site is simple: We keep this horrible review online until we receive every last picture owed to us.

If we get them, we gladly close down the site. If we don’t, his name and company name will be forever brandished online for all to see. (his name is in his company name, so he’s pretty screwed even if he re-brands his company name).

And that’s where we stand today. The website is created, and i’m about to make it public any minute! I seriously hope this does the trick, we’re running out of ideas…

ps: I’m sooooo sorry i can’t post the site here, believe me i would LOVE that more than anything, but it would totally give away my anonymity!

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  1. Lauryn March 8, 2011 at 6:07 AM

    Oddly enough this is the exact day I got married.

  2. J. Money March 19, 2011 at 10:21 PM

    HAH!! It’s too bad all the comments were deleted that used to be here (we switched from Blogger to WordPress and lost ’em all) – there was quite the discussion going on :)