Wedding gift’ers are going crazy on us!

The presents are starting to flow in now, and we’re getting some pretty generous checks – we’re talking about ones for $100 and $150 a PIECE!!! I’m not sure what the average amount people usually give, but anything over $50 seems like a lot to me. I can understand if close family members or best friends want to give a little extra, but we’re getting a lot from guests that aren’t even COMING to the wedding! WTF? I guess we have some good fans ;)

Being the curious little badger that I am, I took it upon myself to do some research and I came across an interesting little blurb from

“Guests are not required to bring a wedding gift to the wedding which is one of the reasons you should never make mention of gifts with your wedding invitation. However, social etiquette indicates that if you are invited to a wedding you should send a gift to the couple whether or not you plan to attend.”

First off, i thought it was a mandatory thing! haha…not that i personally care, it just seems to be the case. I guess that’s where “social” etiquette comes in. To be honest, the whole gift registry thing was the only part where Mrs Budgetsaresexy and I got into some arguments :(

I didn’t want to put a billion things on our registries cuz I feel that we (or I should say “I”) already have most of this stuff, but she thought we needed to so that people know what to give us, and so that we could also have more “joint” stuff. At any rate, we’re totally passed all that now, but it never fails to get a bit crazy when money starts playing a part.

Secondly (sorry, got a little sidetracked there) i guess it IS a rule of thumb to send a gift whether you’re coming or not. That’s quite a shock to me, esp. looking back at all those I didn’t attend – YIKES! I’ll just blame it on all those brain cells i lost back in College ;) I don’t think many people expect any big gifts from college kids anyways, so whatever.

Okay that’s enough wedding talk for now. I can seriously go on and on about all this stuff, but I’m sure not everyone wants to read about it – I know i don’t want to any more! I can tell you one thing though, it’ll be GREAT not having to worry about this stuff ever again. Crazy kids and their crazy weddings.

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