We just became members of the Pay it Forward club! (holler)

pay it forward j. money styleWe have received a hefty check to help pay our grad school and mortgage costs!

And the timing couldn’t be better. The Mrs. starts school on Monday! As in, 3 days from now. As in, WOOHOO for her, and BOOHOO for our money ;)

Unfortunately I have to remain pretty vague here, but we’re talking about more than just a few hundred dollars. AND, better yet, we don’t have to pay it back! ….. at least yet.

The person who gave it to us had been helped by a similar action years ago herself, and she’s always wanted to “pay it forward” when financially able to do so. And now, lucky for us, that time has come :) Not only was it totally unexpected, but it really does go to show that my brother’s crazy saying really DOES work. I better start paying even closer attention!

What this means to us is that we can push off taking out loans to make up for our loss of $50k in salary for now. I’m just thankful Mrs. Budgetsaresexy accepted the college who gave her a full ride!!! Or else we’d be out a good $100k PER YEAR at least. *shiver*

So this “paid forward” contribution will be saved into our money market account with USAA, where our Emergency Fund is (no point in opening up another, right?), and will be drawn upon monthly for $1225 – the amount the Mrs. usually sends over each month to help pay for all house related items. Per my calculations, this will keep us going nicely for a bit before loaning it up. (I almost slipped and said for how many months, but then you’d be able to figure out exactly how much we got! haha…sneaky sneaky).

This paying it forward idea is really damn cool, not to mention healthy for society. One person’s sincere and loving gesture years ago, now affects our future together and will be continued for more years to come! It actually works out perfectly because we weren’t going to accept any money from ANYONE without paying each penny back in full anyways. So this is even better.

NOW we get to pay it back on our own time frame, AND help out another great cause down the road. If that’s not sexy, i don’t know what is. Well, i do, but that’s for another time and place ;) I gotta go out and watch that movie “Pay it Forward” all over again and start getting some pointers!

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