Want to read something POSITIVE these days? Check it.

me did good.With all the gloom and doom surrounding our economy, i don’t blame ya.

Luckily though, i’ve stumbled upon something that may just help cure you while we wait for the top dogs to clean it all up. And it doesn’t cost ya a penny!

I’ve been doing it for a good month now, and it actually IS helping me put things in perspective. Everyone’s different so i won’t promise you a miracle, but at the very least it makes for a good memory book.

It’s rather simple: Write down anything you’ve accomplished for the day! That’s it. Amazing, huh?! haha…It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, stupid, or sexy – at the end of the day, or whenever you’re in the mood really, just scribble it down and date it. And don’t feel like you have to do it every day, putting in a limit like that always screws you over. I tried doing this at first, but after 3 weeks i cought myself feeling like i “have to” do it. you don’t.

The awesome thing about it is that over time you start feeling more confident in yourself, as they all serve as reminders of the success’ you’ve had over the days! And even more so if your memory is as horrible as mine is.

So what’s on my list lately? Well i’ll tell you, my little voyeuristic ones ;)

  • NEW! Found out i’m a fav. blogger of Frugal’s! (9/29/08)
  • Finished up ALL my wedding Thank You notes!!! (9/28/08)
  • Stayed late @ work & designed some kick a$$ graphics. (9/26/08)
  • Wrote a fun blog post today – came out easy! (9/25/08)
  • Cleaned up all the cat’s throw up. (9/23/08)

I could go on and on here, but some get pretty weird. But that’s the awesome thing here, it’s your own personal list so it really doesn’t matter – whatever you’re proud of accomplishing that day goes onto it. I found a snazzy little journal i’ve had laying around for years to jot it all down in, but anything works. You could even staple a few pieces of blank paper together if it gets you to start.

And wanna know something else? They’re all POSITIVE things! Nothing negative is in there, unless of course you write something down like, “I punched my sister in the face” and were proud of it….but who’d do such a horrible thing? (honestly, that’s pretty bad). So whatcha waiting for? Save your dollars on a “self-help” book, and start scribbling down your own accomplishments – for free!

ps: I have to give a shout out to Trent from The Simple Dollar, whose latest post on MSN Smart Spending last friday jolted me to write about my own similar approach here. He wrote about a similar idea of putting things down that make you happy, it’s all pretty interesting!

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