Twittering is the new blogging…for A.D.D. People :)

budgets are sexy on twitterAnd boy can you learn a lot from it! I’ve only been a twitterer (tweeter?) for a few months now, but i gotta say that i sometimes learn more in those quick little words than i do reading an entire blog post!

I think it has something to do w/ the conciseness of it all, and the fact you can read/skim them much faster, thus allowing more information into my little brain factory :)

And the best part is that once you get excited about a certain topic or headline there, you can usually click on the tinyurl provided for a more in-depth look! Of course, some say this all just perpetuates laziness and evil vocabulary (think lol, omg, lmfao), but i prefer to think of it as pretty tech savvy and another way of injecting some “cool” in ya. Those who don’t adapt, fail right?

So yeah, twitter can be pretty helpful in finding some great personal finance advice and/or current news going on in our economy these days. Or even getting to know your favorite bloggers better! There’s a billion other things happening over there too, but i tend to only stick w/ the pf gang…you know, to “fit in” and all ;) Check out some of the stuff going on there just in the past 24 hour or so:

  • sincitysavings Does anyone know someone selling a soul?
  • FrugalDad Frugal Dad Giveaway! Win a $100 Home Depot Gift Card
  • thatonegirl Will just said, “Judging from the smell in the bathroom – there are some very unhealthy people in the building…”… It wasn’t me.
  • doctor_s I wish I was a teacher, so much more of a real impact than working in the business world.
  • ThatFilipinoGuy My kids just saw logo and said that’s gross. Now they’re covering their eyes. Grossed out by the word sexy. (me: wait, what?! haha…)

Okay, so maybe there’s a bit more going on than just LEARNING all the time, but i promise you that does happen on there :) In fact, some people like to post a preview to every post they’re about to have, or even coupons they just found out about. Def. not my style (i like to tweet about random nonsense), but it sure can be helpful. Here’s a few examples of the more “helpful” ones so you’ll believe me:

So as you can see, there’s a whole mess of finance activity going on up in thurrr. I won’t tell you it’s the greatest thing on earth or anything, but it’s def. worth a peek if you haven’t ventured out there already. And if you do, be sure to holler and “follow me” so you can stalk my every move and see what i’m up to…or not, that sounds kinda creepy ;)

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