Today is decicively a Spend Day :)

Although yesterday’s “Zero Spend Day” was a success, i have to admit it took wayyyy too much brain power :) But, mission accomplished and joy to all! i’d be lying if i said it wasn’t tough though. not that i expected it to be super easy, but even w/ it scribbled on my hand i still forgot.

Almost-slip-up #1: A co-worker was running out to grab some lunch, and asked around if we wanted anything. Naturally, i would have handed him a 10’er and given my order BUT it just so happened i was called into a impromptu meeting right before and never heard him! Whew. it would have been all over by noon.

Almost-slip-up #2: Our visit to Kohls after work. Mrs. Budgetsaresexy was feeling pretty down after hearing some shoddy news from 2 of her grad schools she applied to (thankgoodness for the great grad school news a while back!), and needed a quick shopping pick-me-up. As she was searching for some goodies, i perused the store and happened across this framed art that i’ve wanted for MONTHS. not only was it on sale, but it was 90% off!!!! out of all the day for me to walk in there. BUT because of this blog, and ONLY because of this blog, i walked away w/ more money in my pocket … i may walk back in this weekend though ;)

So, mission accomplished indeed. And to reward myself, I will allow myself to do as i please on this beautiful day. I’m already keeping my eyes on today (it’s a woot off!!!!), and I just sent in a payment to renew our Pest Control warranty.

Speaking of which, do any of you have one? It mainly covers termites, and as long as they come out once a year to inspect it, they’ll cover costs associated w/ getting rid of those little boogers. It’s only $88.00 a year, so figured it’s worth it. We had them come out prior to closing last year, and they found some! it’s since been cleared up, but i’d like for them to be gone forever….well, as much as we can. $88 has to be worth that, right?

Alrighty fellow bloggers and blogees, I’m off to do “work” work now. May all your money dreams come true today, and stay away from those wooden nickels! (whatever that means)

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