Time to stock up on those Forever stamps.

the forever stamp rocksThe first-class price goes up 1 penny on May 12th!

It’s not a whole lot, but if you’re anything like me it’s worth picking up a few stacks. It really chaps my hide (who says that anymore?!) when I have to venture out to the post office just to pick up a 1/2/3 cent stamp…i’m not the smartest man around, but i’m pretty sure my time is worth more than that!

Plus, the worst part about all these hikes is actually remembering what the normal rate IS these days. It would be pretty embarrasing to get all of your mail sent back to you, and then have to re-pay for more stamps, only to get them back in the mail again! So the fact that they have these “forever” stamps now makes a world of difference. I love you, inventor of these stamps – thank you!

At any rate (no pun intended), the hike is still a couple weeks away, but thought you might enjoy the friendly reminder now while you can still do something about it. Just don’t go overboard like all of these people: (from msnbc)

“With a postal rate increase just two weeks away, Americans are buying 30
million Forever stamps a day.”

I mean, do they really NEED all those stamps? Shoot, give me a couple hundred at the most, what in the world would I do with 30 million? haha … okay okay, no more jokes. just get out there and buy some before you forget. you can thank me later.

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