Time for another "Would you rather" question! (a hard one)

So here it is. You’re sitting in a room with all of your closest friends and family, and the mayor of your city singles you out and asks you to come up to the front. He/she tells you that the city has a proposal for you, and you MUST answer it no matter what. The question is:

“The city would like to offer you money, but the amount is up to you. We can give you $1 million dollars, but it can ONLY be dispersed between your friends and family – you cannot take any yourself, or use any bartering/trickery to get some back later after the “deal” has been completed. OR, we can give you $500,000, of which you can use all to yourself, but ONLY for yourself, no one else.”

Which would you choose? Keep in mind that all your friends and family will hear both options and know the difference…HARD as hell, right? I mean, either way you or someone you love will be extremely better off so it’s totally a GOOD thing, but do you have the heart (and balls) to give it ALL away? Half of me says yes, but the other half says nooooo way in hell! haha…I think I really got myself on this one as I can usually answer these would you rathers pretty confidently.

It wouldn’t be fair though if I asked you what you’d pick w/out doing it myself though, so here goes…now keep in mind that it really depends on my mood at the time. Like many ADHD’ers, I get into spurts of excitement, sadness, craziness, hyper, sluggish, you name it on a flip of a switch (although I tend to be pretty positive). So if someone catches me in la la land right after I downed my morning hazelnut coffee – like right now for example – then i’m much more likely to sway one way over another.

But anyways, if i were to be asked that question RIGHT NOW, I’d have to go w/ giving $1 million dollars to my friends and family! I can’t believe i just said that! haha…it’s not like they really NEED the money all that much, well maybe my brother and sister and one of my friends do, but i think i’d sleep a lot better once things calmed down, ya know? I’m sure i’d second guess myself throughout my life, but at least i’d die knowing i’ve done a huge a$$ deed.

Now, ask me during a time like when my paycheck bounces and i’m freakin’ out, and I’m 95% sure I’d take the $500k instead! I could always find non-financial ways to help my family, right? So yeah i kinda copped out on this answer a bit, but at least i’m honest!

What about you? Could you firmly answer one way or the other? I know we have some $500k takers out there ;)

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  1. Lisa July 6, 2010 at 12:52 PM

    Absolutely I’d take the half million for myself! I’m 100% sure my friends and family would make the same choice as well.

  2. J. Money July 10, 2010 at 5:36 PM

    Haha, this is true! Although from what i remember the results on this one were pretty close. My Blogger to WordPress conversion wiped all the comments out unfortunately, but there were some good ones ;)