Texting is the newest, CHEAPEST, way to entertain yourself!

cool text messageIf texting were a girl, i’d be in deep trouble ;) There’s no way i’d remain faithful! haha…Seriously, if you ever find yourself bored and/or looking for a CHEAP way to entertain yourself, whip out that cell phone of yours and start texting!

Text old friends, new friends, lost friends, ex’s, co-workers, you name it. If they know you, they’d *hopefully* be glad to hear from you!

That is exactly what i did on the train ride home last night. I felt sick, didn’t have any good reading material, and was outright plain bored. So, as i’ve done many a times in the past, I composed a sexy text message (as shown above) that was sure to get some responses (as shown below), and i sent that bad boy all over the country. It felt great just knowing i pro-actively touched base with them all!

Texting is where it’s at, i’m telling you. The most efficient use of your time!

I sent out a total of 19 initial messages (10 at a time by adding them to the contact list), and probably a good 50 in total! And within minutes i got at least 15 or so back :) Plus, it didn’t cost me a dime as i have a text plan w/ Verizon Wireless that never gets filled anyways. And even if i i didn’t, it would have only cost a few bucks anyways – much cheaper than postage, or my precious time in front of a computer….okay, well that was lie, but you get the point.

And the funniest part? I haven’t talked to some of these fools in 3-4 years! haha…oh man, check out some of these responses i got back:

  • “still on my journey” (what journey?)
  • “Hi Friend! Right now I’m totally lost and annoyed hahah”
  • “J??????????” (i swapped out my real name..almost slipped!)
  • “Just started nursing school. Baby just turned 2! Congrats on the wedding!!! Hope all is well!” (wow, didn’t see that coming!)
  • “Love ur random texts. Nothing much. Stay at home mommy and watching a lot of silly spongebob! She is almost 2! Wat new with u?” (def. saw that one coming ;) )
  • “Obx vacay sat to sat! Come down!”
  • “Got a tatoo last week…! How have u been?” (would have NEVER guessed)
  • and, my favorite response so far: “Well, i got engaged, moved to houston, found out he was very unfaithful, moved back, did a cross country road rally, started my new career. :) lots! haha” (sad, yes, but what a story! i love it)

It was probably the best 30 minutes i ever spent keeping in touch with old friends. And, it helped pass the time SUPER fast! In fact, i typed so much that my phone literally shut down mid-text ;) Not that i didn’t see it coming, i mean i was sending and receiving so many messages that i swear my fingers were getting hot.

So do with this what you will, but promise me one thing: IF you give this a shot sometime soon, promise to post the hilarious/interesting responses you get back :) I can use all the free entertainment i can.

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