Slumdog Millionaire Child Star Almost Sold for $300k!

We love you Rubina!WTF? How could you sell this girl? Boy, just when you thought you’ve seen it all. Apparently this has been in the news all week long, but for whatever reason I’m just now coming across it.

The whole thing makes me want to vomit. I mean, look how happy that girl looks! How incredible she must feel after being part of such a HUGE freakin’ movie, only to be pawned off by your dad in a flip of a switch! Horrible. Here’s what went down according to News of The World,

In a bid to escape India’s real-life slums, Rafiq Qureshi put angel-faced darling of the Oscars Rubina [Ali] up for adoption, demanding millions of rupees worth £200,000.

As he offered the shocking deal to the News of the World’s undercover fake sheik this week, Rafiq declared: “I have to consider what’s best for me, my family and Rubina’s future.”

I get how people are desperate for money, esp if your daughter didn’t get jack from being in an Oscar winning movie (wtf again? Is this true?) but that’s still inhumane no matter how you slice it. LUCKILY, you’ll be happy to know that the girl did NOT, in fact, get sold. Her mother is praising News of The World for exposing this plan before it got carried out (thank goodness!).

How does one even go about CALCULATING someone’s total “worth”? It’s obvious that stardom comes into play here, although you’d think your odds of getting caught are MUCH higher so you wouldn’t even dare it, but what else? If you were 10 would you be worth more because you can do more? If you were a boy, would you get more?

Obviously, those traits don’t even matter because it’s immoral as hell, but it’s still crazy to think about. Not being poor is wonderful, but trading life for it is just plain wrong. Unfortunately I’m sure $hit like this happens a lot more times than we’re lead to believe…let’s just pray the poor kids make it out okay.

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