Our store credit cards are back

UPDATE: As of 6/23/08 – NO MORE DEBT!
*For details on how i pulled it off, check out my Zero Credit Card Debt post :)

I’ve had zero store credit cards for years, but lately we’ve been picking up a few. I guess it can’t be that bad as they’re all at 0% APR right? Another thing to keep in mind is that Mrs. Budgetsaresexy will pay for her half of all this ;)

Here’s what we got:

1) Helzberg Diamonds – $1049.96: Picked up 2 Wedding rings. The sucky part is that i literally JUST paid of my fiancee’s engagement ring (whew). Ah well, that’s life eh? The prices were great though, and the credit deal even better – 0% APR for 1 year. The goal here is to pay off just enough each month so that at the end of the road we get the balance knocked off.

2) Juniper – $1530.16: Our brand new iMac! It’s so H-O-T. Got the upgraded memory, and nice sized screen, + a free printer. We didn’t *need* this per se, but it def. helps having a home computer now that’s brand new and fresh. I’m a graphic designer and my girl’s a song writer/singer, so this should def. help motivate both of us. This will also be our last major purchase now that we have our finances in order, as well as a house for that matter. yikes.

3) Express – $93.33: This one is temporary as they were having a helluva deal man. First off, everything i bought was 60% off original prices. THEN, on top of that, there was an extra 10% off for some reason, and then ANOTHER (can you believe it?) 20% if you signed up for a card. Soooo, here we are … 3 T-shirts, 2 hoodie sweatshirts, a pair of jeans, and a pair of socks later :) *This will be paid off by the end of the month, and then closed out 100%. no tempty tempty for me.

4) NEW! “House Credit Card” – $4180.10: This is at 5%, not the worst, but still not at 0%. There was no way around this bad boy though, our wedding budget got a bit crazy and the cash flow couldn’t be timed right – thus, forcing us to throw some huge chunks of it on here. This will be the 1st to be paid off after our wedding

TOTAL: $2,673.45 $6853.65 $0.00

My goal is to have this paid off by end of 2008. I’d normally pay off first, but since it’s at 0% and Operation Heloc has since been stomped out, I gotta breathe life back into my Emergency Savings stat.

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