Net Worth: MAY… my very last "single" month!

may net worthWhat a good way to end single-ness: UP a good 3 Grand this month :)

The only stuff holding us back are all of the wedding expenses now charged on our card and sucking us dry! haha…

On the other hand, the beautiful checks still continue to flow in, so i’m pretty hopeful we’ll be back in action soon. And NO MORE expenditures to come, HOORAY!

Here’s how it breaks down this month:

Cash Savings: Oh yeah, lost a few dollars in this department. But it’s only because of said wedding costs and balancing our credit cards the best way to limit interest charges. I’m afraid to report though that we’ll actually accrue these fees on the next statement. At least it’s a first in years.

Roth IRA: Another month of doing nothing, and watching the balance eek itself up ;) I’ll take that any day.

401k: A+++ I love this bad boy! Had the usual two deposits of $1187.50 (my half + 100% matching), and then some extra help from the markets going up. And the best part? im STILL waiting for 3 full months of owed deposits!!! Well, i guess that’s kinda good in that it’s not in yet, but also terrible that it’s taken this long so far :( But, as always, can’t start getting heated about it again.

Savings Bonds: These guys don’t like to move much…been this way for 2 moths now. i guess that’s why they’re considered a “safe” investment, huh?

Condo Investment: Still sending my brother $123 each month for his condo. Nothing too juicy going on here, except that this might stop within the next few months.

Home Equity: Same with this department – at a stand still until after the wedding and grad school stuff comes together. This amount reflects the purchase price of our house minus all principal payments.

Auto Worth (kbb): ARRGHHHHH again for the 4th month in a row. At least it didn’t go down as MUCH as it has been, but it’s still quickly depreciating like a mother. I’m adding this to the “do something about it” list for next month.

Credit Cards: It went down a bit (hence the drop in my cash savings as well), but it’s still wayyyy off track. Chalk this one up to the wedding stuff too. But at least I get to move the sidebar a bit :)

Auto Loan: Slowly and steadily paying off $300ish in principal each month. I really won’t miss this one at all if i end up getting a beater down the road which, naturally, I’m still considering.

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful week out there! And hopefully i’ll be able to jump on with some sexy updates soon – straight from the Caribbean ;)

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