My cell phone broke in half, and then my battery died…

verizon smileHow frustrating is that?! Unfortunately i can’t blame anyone but myself here, well i can about the battery just sucking, but it was def. ME who dropped it on the asphalt and cracked it in two. Literally, it broke in half! And not just like the battery falling out or anything, but more like the top screen split from the keypad portion :(

While it sucked for a few days not having it, i have to admit that i felt a wave of relief when it shattered. i mean, we’re connected to those things like crazy these days! I have to admit it was pretty refreshing for a hot second…until my poor little fingers missed my texting games ;(

So what did i do? Well, the first day i hit up the Verizon store and started to explain how much of an idiot i was when they cut me off! At first i was pissed, but then i realized they were helping me save my breath as it really didn’t matter WHAT happened to it – they offered to replace it at NO COST! (i sometimes LOVE Verizon.) And you wanna know why? Cuz I had one of those Asurion Warranties!!! haha…those little $5.99 a months finally did something for me!

And that’s really the point of this whole thing – If you’re a clutz, those cell phone warranties can pay handsomely.

Now, i realize a lot of you frugal ones would rather do without (like my girl over at fighting foreclosure) cuz those extra “fees” pile up fast. BUT, i really just wanted you all to know that a) they work, and that b) it’s something to consider if you’re dufus like me. Now, as for the battery problem? HAH! Those little ba$tards are only covered for ONE YEAR! (Stupidly, i forgot to ask about this on the first Verizon visit, so i had to go back 4 days later)

“One Year?!” I cried to the Verizon Rep after waiting another 53 minutes to be seen.
“Yup, all batteries are covered for only one year” he calmly shot back as if it’s common routine.
“Ohhh i see…So you force us to sign up to 2-year contracts, but the battery will only last for 1 year? That’s interesting” i spout back…feeling a bit bad as i know exactly what the poor guy goes through in customer service. It’s not HIS fault, but unfortunately he’s gotta deal w/ me ;)
“I’m sorry. That’s company policy.” he retorted.
“Okay, well then i’d like to buy another warranty to cover the battery”, i said trying to one up him.
“Nope, sorry we don’t have those. We have no control over the manufacturing of them.”
“i see…..” i said defeatedly….not knowing what to do next.

***blank stares shot back and forth from us***

“would you like to buy a battery then?” he finally chimes in.
“how much?”
“$45 + tax.”
“no thanks….i’ll go on eBay”

I thought i was pretty clever on that last one ;) i wonder how many people say that sorta stuff in their store? I really just wanted to get a jab in, but then the Mrs. told me she sees them on there all the time. So i figured why not? I buy everything else on there anyways. So i hopped on and what do ya know? There are a slew of them!!! And we’re not talking about plain ol’ batteries here, but pink ones, yellow ones, green ones, gold ones, you name it! All customizable AND brand new from the manufacturer!

So i bought one. A GOLD one! haha…and now, i have a brand new phone at Zero cost (if i dont’ think about the monthly fees) and a spankin’ new battery for $4.80 :) What a deal! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you turn a bad situation into a bearable situation. Let’s face it, cell phone stuff just sucks in general, so anytime you can wiggle your way outta some costs it’s total glory all around!

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