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chase platinum visa cardThis month’s issue focused around the 100 BEST financial “products/ideas” out there. While i wish i could list all 100 here (some were pretty damn awesome) it wouldn’t make a lotta sense – but you could always pick it up in stores while it’s hot!

I did wanna share the credit card section with ya though, as it’s always interesting to see the differences out there in today’s market. Here’s a summary of their picks + 1 of my very own ;)

1) If you carry a balance: Discover More – 0% interest for 12 months on balance xfers. While there is a xfer fee, it’s only capped at $75, instead of the $99 avg out there. Rate startes at 10.99% afte intro. is over, which is also better than the 12.13% avg out there.

2) If you carry a balance AND you have a killer credit score (MY pick): Chase Visa Platinum Card – Mrs. Budgetsaresexy has received a whopper of an offer this week! 0% interest on all purchases AND balance xfers for 1 1/2 years!, NO xfer fee, NO annual fee, and then only 6.99% fixed APR after. The “killer credit score” being the key here.

3) If you want cash back (and you spend big): Blue Cash from American Express – Once you reach $6,500/year, you get back 5% on grocery, drugstore, and gas purchases, and 1.5% on anything else – beating the 1% current avg. for a cash-back card. Interest rate starts at 10.99%.

4) If you want cash back (and you spend small): Chase Freedom Visa or Master Card – 3% cash back in 3 of 15 categories (inc. groceries and pet supplies) based on which category you spend the most in. The sucky part, though, is that the rate start at 15.24%! So be sure to pay in full each month if you go w/ this bad boy.

5) If you’re often aloft: Citi PremierPass MasterCard – For every dollar charged, you get one point, plus a point for every 3 miles you fly. The best part is that there are no black out dates or crazy carrier restrictions. Rates start at 10.24%.

6) If you need help saving for retirement: Fidelity Investment Rewards Visa – For every dollar charged, you earn 1 pt. After getting 5,000 points, you get a $75 deposit in a Fidelity account of your choice! now THAT, my friends, is hotness. They’ll make you open up a brokerage acct. with them , but you dont’ have to worry about any extra fees. Card comes w/ a fixed rate of 14.99%.

7) If you want low fees and no hassle – A local bank or credit union. I, personally, would see if you can first get in with USAA Fed. Credit Union, or even Navy Federal for all you military folks. But if it’s a no go, then def. check out your local credit union. I went w/ ours in MD, and saved a whole 1% on my auto loan last year, beating ALL other places i checked…even USAA!

This is just a handful of cards out there, but i’d be interested to see what everyone else uses. If you have a Fav., let us know :)

PS: Here’s my updated list of the best credit card offers!

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