Money CAN Buy Happiness :)

Money Artwork: $We spend a lot of time cutting back and saving, and doing whatever else we can to ensure a healthy nest egg, but there’s something to say about SPENDING too.

You know that saying, “Money can’t buy happiness?” Well, I believe it’s only partially true. Money can’t buy you love, or youth, or that feeling you get when you’ve accomplished something so amazing!, but it CAN buy you plenty of other niceties.

Take traveling for example. You think you can fly around the world (comfortably) without any money in your pockets? Or experience a 4 day bender with all your friends in New Orleans scot-free? It’s possible if you’re a super hacker, but not for most of us. This stuff costs money, and the more you have of it the more you can take advantage IF you so choose to. Money gives you options.

The same goes for entertainment. Hitting up the movies, playing video games, looking at “membership” sites (you know who you are), taking your significant other to a nice dinner – it all costs something. $hit, even sitting here blogging costs money! I gotta dish it out for my domain name, the hosting, the internets, the itunes playing in the background, all stuff I look forward to every day.

You can do your best to save save save, but if you don’t spend spend spend (within reason) you’ll drive yourself bonkers. It reminds me of an old friend who used to study his ass off at college and refused to socialize. Whenever I’d invite him out he had the same ol’ line for me – “Gotta lot of reading to do! Sorry, man.” It was like clockwork, and actually really freaky. You can probably guess where I’m going with this, but he didn’t graduate with the highest of honors. Maybe he didn’t test well, or was just lying to me the whole time (never!), but I’m pretty sure he just maxed himself out. Ya gotta have some stress relievers in life, and money can help that.

Good financial management is all about balance. As soon as you stop treating yourself you’re heading toward one of the extremes. Make sure to catch yourself and pay for some of that happiness! I don’t wanna see you sad with a million bucks in the bank, okay? ;)

PS: That painting up there is another example. It cost me $98 to complete (48 of which came from dollar bills alone), but every time I look at it I freakin’ smile! Love that thing.

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