The Jerk Store called…They don’t want your checks anymore.

jerk store calledIf you’re a check writer, you may not want to read further ;) I’m sooooooooo tired of them holding up the lines at the registers! Why does it seem to take hours to write a simple check?

And even more importantly, don’t they know checks are obsolete? haha…okay, so maybe i’m a little biased since being a hardcore credit card fan and all, but i just don’t get why people still use them at stores.

Yes, using them to pay your mortgage and such makes sense – i have no beef with that – (i used to do this until mastering the art of online checks through the bank) BUT at the dollar store? or the grocery store?? Arghhhhhhhh…

If i have to wait another 5 whole minutes for someone to whip it out, ask whom to make it out too, and then fill out the register part ONE MORE TIME, i swear i might loose it….or worse, accidently walk out of the store w/out having paid for my items! I almost did that once, until the beeper thing went off and i realized i was still holding the things i meant to buy. i almost got in a lot of trouble, as i look pretty “punky” anyways. yikes.

Everyone has their own method of payment, and if it works for you that’s awesome. But please, for the love of money, at least learn how to cut a check faster and be cognizant that you’re in the 10 items or less lane and that the point is to get through it quickly. Maybe go early in the morning or late at night? haha…. or learn what a debit card is!

I feel a little bad saying all of this, especially cuz i know most of these people are grandmas and/or busy mothers, but i must admit if feels good getting it out of my system. And to be honest, i’ll even take part of the blame since i only add to the impatience with society these days.

But perhaps we could strike a deal? If you, the check writer, can speed up the process a bit on your end, I will promise to be more understanding and nicer about it. Maybe you could even throw in a “sorry to hold up the line” every now and then? hehe…either way, i think checks are the devil. I’ll leave it at that ;)

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