I’m thinking of making & selling t-shirts…would be fun, no?

Budgets are Sexy shirts?Last night I had my last screen-printing class and I’m afraid I’m really gonna miss it. When you’re surrounded by creative people like that, you REALLY get into it! Esp. if you’re not a perfectionist ;)

There’s a process you have to follow in order to get your images to come out exactly the way it’s shown, but if you don’t mind “creative mistakes” like our shoddy little gang then it’s totally awesome (and easier to mass produce).

But as I waited my 17 minutes at the end of the night for the metro to come take me home, I remembered why I signed up for the class to begin with – I wanted to start my own clothing line! Or at least my own graphic tee store like the Busted & Snorgs out there. How fun would that be? Designing and printing out shirts for all those sexy tween out there? haha…I seriously think i could do that for a living and be really happy. The problem, of course, is that it takes a LOT more work than you normally would think, along w/ some splashes of luck and a pocket full of start up cash. So while it would be hotter than Britney Spears circa 2005, I’m not delirious enough (yet) to think I could make it 1-2-3. What if I started slowly through cafepress or zazzle though? With something so automated like that I’m thinking it might be a nice little testing ground.

ORRRRRR, better yet, perhaps I sell a few Budgets Are Sexy shirts?! huh? whatcha know about that? humm…..would any of you buy them? Say, if i sell ’em for like $10 a pop? Might be something to expand on methinks.

Even if I don’t end up setting up shop, it’s pretty cool wearing around the shirts i’ve created with my bare hands :) in fact, i’m @ work right now wearing one of them! Yup, I created a simple one last night where it’s just black text spread across a white shirt saying, “Fashions fade, style is eternal” a quote by Yves Saint Laurent. And with some of those creative mistakes I mentioned before, it has a little spraypainted affect to it. $hit, at the very least I have a good 15 or 16 new shirts to wear! haha…

Who knows what’ll come out of it all, but I’m happy to report that i’m a bit more happier after jumping back into art classes. That’s a department where your money is wisely spent! And my family will be glad that I finally used up some of that bday money too. Now, who want’s a Budgets are Sexy shirt?!

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