I’m still alive in Vegas!!!

after only 2 hours of sleep, i am still alive and kicking :) tomorrow, however, may be a different story. we have 3 after-parties to attend this evening, and since everything is comped (all drinks, food, etc) it may just cause a ruckus!

other than that, i don’t have much to report. i was a good little boy last night and didn’t do anything terribly interesting. aka i checked email, this blog, and then *tried* to sleep.. i will say, though, that i picked up a banana for $1.19! i have no luck w/ those things lately…

OH! and i almost forgot. I played one hand of blackjack for $25, and won! i stayed on 15 (the dealer was showing a 6), and she barely went over 21. so i’m now 1 for 1, and up $25 for the week so far :)

…now let’s just see if can maintain this little lead! i’m off the poker tables. Woohoo!!!

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