I Pronounce Today "Random Day"

1) I saved $8.50 yesterday at California Tortilla! you know those stamps you always get at fast food places like subway and all? well, i rounded up all mine from the past year and a half from eating at C.T. and it turns out i had just enough for a scrumptious FREE chicken quesadilla. i guess it DOES indeed pay to collect those little guys.

2) F! I just realized i spent .99¢ on an itunes song this weekend :( although it WAS related to this blog (it was “For The Love of Money from The O’Jays, & The Apprentice.), i still broke my Lent Challenge. F. F. F. i was on a crazy roll…oh well, at least i didn’t do it intentionally.

3) I re-posted 4 jackets on Craigslist again, since they failed to find a new home a few months back. I’m pretty sure i have a track-jacket addiction, and i’ve been trying to unload the ones i never wear anymore. This includes these 4 out of the 15+ I have. I’d give eBay a shot, but i find i lose way more there when it comes to clothes. plus one of my jackets is pretty puffy and would require some interesting fenagling to mail it. Either way, the more i sell, the more my Fun Fund pumps up (evil laughs).

4) My credit card bill came in, and for the 2nd time in a row i’ve gone under my $800 budget! Last month i was around $130 under, and this time i’m under $250. i believe it’s the inertia that’s moving me along now. i might have to drop my budget down to $700 if i can keep this up to better acount for everything. if only the wedding wasn’t coming up… (re: money that is. i do want to marry ;) )

5) Check it: www.trueofficeconfessions.com. Hilaaaaarious! Maybe you could even waste some time on it when you’re bored? Thanks Give Me Back My Five Bucks for posting about it, it has made my last 24 hours very pleasant :)

6) It’s taken me a good 3 hours to post this. it just so “happens” that i’m at work, and every freakin’ time i log in to write, something work related comes up and distracts me. This is actually the fourth time i’ve tried to push this bad boy out. i mean, what do they expect….for me to work? pshhh.

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