I Grant You One Free Luxury – Which Shall You Pick?

J. Money In A Bottle...I had this dream last night that I had my own personal chauffeur! And for the 3 days it lasted (in dream-world of course), I was pimping that thing all over town. Wendy’s, work, our kickball game, I was getting the hook up everywhere we went.

And to be honest, I awoke 1/2 way convinced that I would seriously put up the cash to have it in real life. Of course, then I took a shower and realized how stupid that would financially be and that was the end of my 9 hour dream – literally! (and yes, I think about numbers and blogging while showering cuz i’m a big dork like that.) But, it got this ol’ brain of mine thinking. If we were granted a free “luxury” for every day life, is there something you’d nab in a heart beat? And why *that* one over all others?

To help you with today’s question, I’ve decided to waste 20 mins off my life conjuring up a whole suite of possible perks to choose from. But feel free to come up w/ your own as well! I know we’ve got some creative bastards reading this so I won’t even try to stand in your way ;)

  • 24/7 Personal Chauffeur – Your own driver (and car) to take you anywhere, anytime, no questions asked. Great for: bar hopping, airport pick ups/drop offs, driving you on weekend getaways.
  • 24/7 Personal Chef – Ooooooh this one has HOT written all over it! Covers your breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, you name it. And, since it’s YOUR perk here, you could even have him/her teach you how to cook so you don’t have to necessarily give it up if you enjoy it ;)
  • Personal Assistant – Your own go-to person to cover any needs whatsoever. Dry cleaning, errands, packing your lunch, etc. They don’t pay for any of these items requested, BUT their services are on the house. And we’ll assume all these choices going forward are 24/7.
  • Personal Masseuse – I know some of you ladies will choose this one. Might I recommend Money Mate Kate? I heard she’s the best around.
  • Free Food for Life – Never have to worry about paying for it again! Covers all groceries, dinners @ restaurants, snacks, you name it. (doesn’t cover drinks of any sort)
  • Free Drinks & Alcohol for Life – Same as food except this makes you feel a bit funnier ;) Never have to pay for another long island ice tea again! Or milk for that matter…
  • Free Hotel Room/Nap Area – The freedom to sleep wherever and whenever your heart desires! At work and need a 20 min power nap? You got it! Out at the bars and too drunk to make it home? No problem! Get your friend who picked the 24/7 Chauffeur to take you there ;)
  • Free Clothes! – Everything from Wal-Mart to Fendi, it’s all you baby. Covers everything but shoes (this is a perk, not a fantasy! haha…)

Okay, I’ll stop there. I’ve actually wasted 30 minutes of my company’s time now and it’s probably a good idea to get going. Plus, I gotta find a way to turn these wishes into realities somehow…I’m thinking silent velcro or some other random invention. Either that, or hard work ;)

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