The hunt is over, i found my George Washington!

where's georgeHave you ever gotten one of these before? I’ve had a few over the years, but was always too lazy to look them. That changed today though.

And i have to tell you, it’s a pretty damn good way to blow through some time :)

While the site itself was kinda all over the place, the actual content was killer! I say this for two reasons:

1) You get to see where YOUR bill came from! It takes a few seconds to enter in all the info on it (denomination, serial #, and series), but once you’re done you get to see where it’s been! and if you’re REALLY lucky, there will be a whole bunch of comments on it.
2) You get to see where others have been. Not as exciting as #1 since that one is your own baby, but still – a great way to kill some time.

Here’s what pulled up for my dollar at

  • This bill has travelled 369 Miles in 1 Yr, 30 Days, 23 Hrs, 38 Mins at an average of 0.93 Miles per day! (click here to see the map)
  • It is now 369 Miles from its starting location.
  • Note from the one other person who had it (or at least went online to track it): “I got it from Michael at St Anne’s Credit Union, N Dartmouth Fair condition.
  • Note i put on it :) “got it from Fuddruckers when i broke a $20. it’s in so-so condition. George looks hot as always though.”

Cool, right? Next time you find one of these bad boys in your pockets, log on and see where yours have been. And who knows, maybe you’ll find mine! (actually, i take that back…that won’t be possible unless you get your hands on my current art project. awww yeahhh)

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