The gov’t gave my friend $300 more on her stimulus check!

my friend got stimulatedHoly hot dogs. Would you cash it in if it happened to you?

I told her to be veryyyyy careful here, the last thing she wants to do is cash it and then later owe the Gov’t back the $300 + interest at 17%!

But is it possible that it’s correct? I don’t think so. My friend is single, has no kids, and has no extreme circumstances. I can’t imagine any other reason she’d get more than her alotted $600, so what gives?

That’s exactly what she’s trying to figure out. Apparently she got a note with it stating that they will be providing her with more information on WHY she’s receiving what she did via mail shortly. But even that is strange to me. What’s funny is that the letter also states if it is incorrect, she better notify them as soon as possible! haha… doubt much?

It’s now been 2 days since she received it, so it’s very safely collecting dust on her desk until she gets it all figured out. Have any of you come across this in ’08? Unfortunately she hasn’t shown it to me, and since she really doesn’t know i’m posting about this cuz of the whole anonymous stuff, i don’t feel comfortable asking to make this post better ;)

She’s got my attention, though, that’s for sure. And she promises to keep me updated, so that’s the best we can do at this point. As soon as I get word, you know i’ll be hollering as fast as my fingers can type!

***Update @ 3:02pm***

So yeah….um…turns out my friend isn’t all that detailed oriented. Apparently 3 MORE “stimulus” checks just came in, when it hit her that they aren’t in fact stimulus checks! Yeah they all looked the same, but it wasn’t until they started piling in that she realized what was going on. D’oh.

The $900 one, actually a few dollars and cents over $900, was this year’s Federal tax re-imbursement. The 2nd one, for $500 and some change, was from her State’s taxes. The 3rd check, for $1400 something, was from 2006’s taxes where something was awry (she told me, but i can’t remember it exactly….something about estimating her returns, but then re-doing them?), and the last $600 one was finally for, drum roll please… her STIMULUS CHECK! he he.

So yes, I, J. Money, was a bad blogger journalist (slaps his hands for not doing his homework), and yes, my friend now has over $3,000 that she wasn’t expecting. At least it ended up better than expected! What a mix up though…aye.

– The 411 on Bush’s stimulus checks
Rebate checks hit stands on Monday!

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