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You Googled My What?Every now and then I like to see what people are typing into Google to get to my site. Mainly for some good laughs (you’d be amazed at the different variations of sex terms hitting this site), but also to see if I’m answering any of the questions being entered.

Overall I think I do a good job, but most of the time someone is asking for specifics and facts over general personal finance. Unfortunately I’m no expert so I can never say Absolutely – do this! or No way, you’ll go to jail! But I can give you my two cents on just about anything, and it’s always free of charge :) So today, I copy and paste some of these terms searched in the ol’ Google machine and give you my complete and honest opinions as always:

How much is a leased car worth in your net worth?
$0.00. Same with renting an apartment. You’re paying for a service and you don’t own anything (unless, of course, you end up buying it out at the end), so at this point it’s just another bill you have to pay. I wouldn’t put it in your net worth.

Would it be crazy to quit my job
Yes! Unless you already have another lined up. Or you’re just plain miserable and would be happier working at McDonalds just to get away from your boss. Not that there’s anything wrong with that :) Better yet, hit up Starbucks like I would in that case.

What kind of dress to be worn to attend a wedding
Hah! Contrary to popular belief, I’m actually a guy. I know I use a lot of :)’s and !!!!’s, but I have no idea what kind of dress to wear. Actually, I take that back – wear a freakin’ HOT one.

Average net worth in the u.s.
Love these questions! I took a snapshot of the average net worth in the US last year which I liked, or you could check out CNN Money’s net worth tool that determines the average worth around YOUR age & yearly income.

Best online budgeting sites
You’ve come to the right place ;) Here’s a great list of free budget templates I’ve collected over time. OR, if you’re truly going for an online budgeting site over spreadsheets or google docs, check out

Should i quit my job my hubby makes alot
Lucky you! Perhaps you can help that person above and start your own side business: How to marry a rich man ;) But in all honesty, you should only quit if you’re not enjoying yourself or you’d rather be spending your time doing something else. You’re fortunate enough to not have to work for money, so if I were you I’d totally do what makes you happy and use that passion to do something good in the world. At the very least, being out there mingling and networking with people is usually better than being at home doing nothing.

Best pickup line millionaire
Coming right up! How’s this: “Call me your mutual fund, honey…’cause with you, I’m showing interest.” No? Try these other sexy pickup lines.

Things you do to save money while broke
Walk to places more, read the books you already have, use all the food in your house that you already have – like those boxes of muffins 2 years old or that big sack of flour taking up all that room ;) You could also try picking up hobbies that are not only cheap, but that save you from spending money down the road! Planting vegetables and eating them, drinking tap water over buying bottles, or my favorite – taking things off your walls or from your drawers you don’t like and selling them on Craigslist/eBay!

Personal finance is not that hard
I agree! Have you been reading my posts on this? ;)

Why do good poker players lose money at online poker
Because they’re too emotional. You can be great at anything in the world, but as soon as you start listening to your feelings and emotions (good & bad) you change your game. This is why I myself suck at poker 90% of the time. I get too excited and/or bored and start playing differently just to entertain myself. Unfortunately you are who you are and you can’t really change this much, but maybe if you pay closer attention you’ll catch yourself and tweak your game plan before going All In w/ a 7, 2 off suit.

Seth Green worth
A few laughs? I really don’t know. This search comes up every few days, very strange.

Max out 401k?
Yes – great idea! You get free money from your company (hopefully), and you reduce the amount of taxes getting taken out of your paycheck every 2 weeks.

High interest savings account do we combine our money or get two separate accounts
I’m thinking you accidentally added the “do we combine our money or get two separate accounts” to your first search of “high interest savings account” here, but regardless I have a post on how we manage our marriage financials.

What to do if you they want you to take a pay cut
Accept it so you don’t get fired, and then start looking for what else is out there! Unless you really REALLY love your job or you believe them when they say it’s only temporary, it may be a sign of worse things to come. And believe me, I know about this. Spend 20 mins a day poking around Craigslist or emailing friends to see what kind of opportunities are around town. Just don’t do it at work ;)

Minimalist living
Something I’m slowly working on! Check out my latest post on the minimalist lifestyle – there’s even a fancy doodle.

Would you rather have a well-paid job or that which make you happy?
Usually, I choose the well-paid job. Lately, I’ve been gearing towards the one that makes me happier though. Right now I’m blessed to have a job that I’m both happy at AND paid well, but in this economy it could change at any time. Check out this very would you rather question I posted back in July to see what others thought.

Gym women free sex
Woahhhh there partner! If you’re going to the gym to look for free sex, you better be ripped. And also be a lot smoother than the ones using those sexy pick up lines we already mentioned – they won’t work.

That’s it for this round – hope you learned something today!
If you liked this let me know and I’ll start doing it more often. It’s kinda fun answering a whole bunch of different questions than just focusing in on one specific theme. Happy Hump Day!

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