Giving Away 3 Copies of "Start Over, Finish Rich!"

Start Over, Finish Rich by David BachThe new book by David Bach! Famous for The Automatic Millionaire – one of my top 3 favorite books ever :) Start Over, Finish Rich drops today, but if you’re one of the 3 lucky winners here you get your very own copy for free!

I haven’t had the chance to finish the one I was sent myself, but so far it’s very Bach-like! haha…which is def. a good thing. Since I can’t put my own special review on it, here’s a clip from the press release to give you a better taste:

Drawing upon tried-and-true principles of wealth building, Bach spells out the ten most crucial steps for putting a financially secure future squarely back in reach, including how to get out of debt, repair credit, rebuild savings, revitalize retirement plans, rebuild with real estate, and reorganize one’s financial life for the high tech age.

The first step to getting back on track financially is to stay positive and recommit to wealth. “Don’t stop saving, don’t stop investing, and don’t give into fear and despair,” urges Bach. “There are as many, if not more, opportunities to build wealth during recessions and the recoveries that follow them as there are during boom times. But you won’t get anywhere if you are too scared-or feel too defeated-to do anything. You have to have a plan based on action! Doing nothing is the worst choice you can make. You have to hit the reset button and START OVER.”

Among the key steps to starting over in 2010 are the following:

  • Find Your Money
  • Deal with Your Credit Card Debt
  • Fix and Protect Your Credit Score
  • Rebuild Your Emergency Savings
  • Re-energize Your Retirement Plan
  • Make it Automatic (link to one of my posts, not part of book)
  • Rebuild with Real Estate

Is this a book you’d want? Then enter to win a free copy!

  1. Drop a comment and tell us what your own favorite financial book is.
  2. Then just leave a way for me to contact you (twitter, blog, email)

That’s it! Drop it by Friday @ Midnight, and I’ll draw the 3 winners via over the weekend and post ’em up on THIS same post – So be sure to check back on Monday, January 4th to see if you’ve won. Would be a great way to start out 2010 right, eh? :)

PS: I’ve had a few people email saying that they can’t comment for some reason. If this happens to you, go ahead and email me & I’ll use the time stamp to determine where your entry # is :) Sorry!

*THE WINNERS* Out of all 89 entries (taking out my own comments & those who entered too late), we had 3 big winners! And those are…..drum roll please….Saving Cents in the City, Laura, and HighClassLowIncome! Congrats my friends, and thanks to everyone who participated :) Be on the lookout for a LOT more giveaways in 2010!

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