Free “Mindful Budgeting” Templates!

Hey guys!

One of my favorite people in the world, Cait Flanders, just released her “mindful budgeting” templates for *free* for anyone who wants them.

It includes weekly spending sheets, a monthly budget, a monthly calendar to stay organized, and two exercises to help you do monthly check-ins to see how you’re feeling + quarterly check-ins to ensure your spending aligns with values.

More info in her latest newsletter, but here are the direct downloads if you want to get right to it:

Thanks for re-releasing them, Cait!! And for making them free! (Used to be $20)

Here’s what a few of the templates look like…

They’re SUPER simple, but also SUPER powerful if you actually follow through with them.

It doesn’t require anything fancy to be more thoughtful :)


weekly spending template


align your budget template


monthly check-in template


PS: She’s also brought back her physical Mindful Budgeting Planners too and selling them at cost. More info on those here for anyone interested –>

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