Filing taxes TODAY??? Who are you, Superman?

I just talked w/ two friends that are sending out their taxes TODAY! aka April the 14th, aka the DAY BEFORE THEY’RE DUE.

What is going on with everyone? Are people not as afraid of the Gov’t as I am? Man, seriously you all have balls. Big Huge ones. Either that or you’re super cool and don’t take crap from anyone. (in which case, how can i be like you?)

Maybe i never really paid attention, or cared even, but this really surprises me. Does laziness play a part in this? I always have to get it done early (like in Feb), esp if i’m getting money back. Even a fellow PF blogger, Mapgirl, just recently sent hers in – but at least she knows what she’s doing.

Anyways, just thought i’d share…maybe next year i’ll wait to the last minute so i can be a member of the Cool Club.

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