Does the financial crisis have a silver lining? (Q&A)

smiley faceYeah, for sure! It may not override the ugly situation out there, but they do exist – they always do, it’s just a matter of finding them sometimes ;)

The Public Insight Network shoots me a poll every now and then asking for some input, and this time I had something to say! And since they fit in nicely w/ the bloggy blog here, I thought i’d share them with y’all.

And maybe you’ve figured out how to make the economy work for YOU even better? I know we got some smart a$$ people out there taking full advantage :) Here are the 3 questions they threw over to me, along w/ my answers:

How has the financial crisis affected you?
Mainly, it’s just gotten me more nervous about my job security – the first time in the 3+ years I’ve been here. Working for a start-up is naturally a bit unstable anways, but these days it’s a little more crazier than normal out there. Other than that, my house value continues to plummet (at least I’m pretty sure it is!) and considering we bought it at close to peak, it’s definitely no fun.

Has the financial crisis prompted you to follow your dreams or rexamine your priorities?
Yup! More so my priorities than my dreams as I’m pretty much doing my dream job right now ;) BUT, if that should ever fall though, I have a list of other fun jobs I’m interested in pursuing – graphic design, starbucks, and even banks! As for reexamining my priorities, I’m really just learning how to save even MORE than before….like by not shopping as much and making do with what i already have. Great for me, not so great for the economy.

Have you found a silver lining to the financial crisis?
Oh, most definitely! The interest rates have gone down an incredible amount, literally knocking hundreds of dollars off our 2nd Mortgage! We have a maxed out HELOC at Prime – .45%, and within the last year alone it’s dropped from around 6% all the way down to 2.8%! It’s really incredible. Now, if I can just figure out how to refinance my 1st mortgage w/out much cost, it’ s home sweet sailing baby!

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