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Hope ComicThis post is part of the one day blog event – “The Spectrum of Personal Finance.”

In this event, comic book nerd Brian of My Next Buck, will discuss 8 different emotions (taken from the Green Lantern comic series) and relate them to personal finance. Here at Budgets Are Sexy we will be looking at Hope. To view the rest of the event look at the bottom of the page to see the other blogs hosting articles.
Hope is a great thing. It surrounds us. Without it, what would there to be look forward to in life? Hope to get that big promotion. Hope for your team to make it to the Super Bowl (sorry Skins fans… no amount of hope will help them). Hope that the guy or girl across from you on the metro notices you.

However, hope only gets you so far. Not to go into too much detail, but today’s event is based on the Green Lantern comic book series. In the comics, there are Green Lanterns and Blue Lanterns (and a plethora of other colors). The Green Lanterns represent Will Power, the Blue represent Hope. Let’s just say, without a Green Lantern nearby, the Blue Lanterns aren’t $hit.

What does this mean to you? It means that you can hope all day long, but without taking some action, you are going to be stuck in neutral. As young people, we tend to hope a lot. I have been found guilty over the past year of the same kinds of expressions as cited below:

  • We hope that we get THAT job offer.
  • We hope that the economy recovers.
  • We hope we have enough money for retirement.
  • We hope that EVERYTHING works out.

In the words of the late great George Carlin: “F*ck Hope”.

Folks, it’s 2009, and it’s time to take action for yourself and stop waiting for things outside of your control to unfold. Today is no worse than any other day to do one thing you constantly have said to yourself, “Yeah, I should do that.” Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Make today the day when you get something accomplished that you have been putting off.

With the holiday coming up, there will be excuses aplenty. Think of some things that you have wanted and needed to get done. Take a look below at some examples. Each of the things written below will take no more than an hour if you work efficiently. And the fourth may open you up to all sorts of potential for tomorrow night – the busiest bar night of the year – (know what I’m saying?).

I know J. hoped to max out his 401(K) this year, and he MADE it happen for himself. I wanted to get out of debt and max out my Roth this year, and I MADE it happen! What is it that you recently hoped for that came to fruition solely because of your efforts to MAKE IT HAPPEN?

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*Image created by Philip Tan
. Green Lantern is property of DC Comics

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