Complaining will now cost this blogger $1 per incident…

$1.00 to behave...Yup, for every complaint that comes outta my mouth, a $1 bill goes into a jar! Reason being? It’s Lent time baby!!! And after a long hard week of trying to come up with something, I did what every man has to do once in a while – I stole someone’s idea ;) So thank you much Kaitlyn, my dearest blogger friend! I now have a game plan to put into action.

For those who don’t know, every year during Lent (40 days preceding Easter), us Catholics give up something on behalf of the Good Man upstairs. And this “something” is supposed to be challenging as you’re basically sacrificing for a while. So giving up something like beets or radishes, or anything else you don’t care for doesn’t count…although as a kid i may have done this (shh…)

Usually I give up something physical like sodas (VERY hard to do at first, but def. do-able as I found out 2 Lents ago) or even Shopping as i did last year! Which, I gotta say, REALLY makes you realize how much you spend on a daily basis – i highly recommend trying it. In fact, I came close to choosing that one again this year, but it’s a lot more easier and less challenging now, so I figured it was time for a new one.

So now comes the No Complaining Rule! Not only will this help me become a better person (hopefully), but it’ll give back to the church as well. Every time the Mrs. catches me complaining, or i catch myself, or even if YOU catch me complaint-blogging, that jar will fill up with $1 bills. And at the end of these 40 days – on Easter – I shall tithe all this money to our church :) And at the rate i’ve been going lately, it’ll be a hefty amount!

It’s a Win-Win situation all around, and I’m very excited/nervous to get started. I’ve already slipped once and it’s been less than 24 hours! haha…But I’ll be damned if I don’t come outta this much better than I came in. Anyone wanna join me? Anyone give something different up?


UPDATE: It’s now 2019 and I barely complain anymore!! One of the best challenges I’ve ever done – highly recommend it!! (Though warning – you will now hear *others* complaining much more than you used to which can be somewhat annoying, haha… Still 100% worth it though ;))

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