Check this – a Funeral Home is now serving Coffee!

OMG, can you imagine?! According to the last page in June’s SmartMoney mag., even funeral homes are now dishing out coffee! And you wanna know the sad part? I can’t even tell if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. haha…and that’s coming from ME – the kind of caffeine hemself!

It surely can’t beat out a Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts, but boy does that sound convenient. And even if it IS a bit freaky, you know it’ll make the place smell better! (sorry, i couldn’t resist). I dunno, it really doesn’t surprise me when i stop to think about it.

It goes on to say:

“It doesn’t take an anthropogist to explain what’s up: Americans are busy and would eat breakfast at the DMV if it were convenient”

OH MY GOSHHH – now that’s funny! And SO true. You know I’d be the first in line. I mean, you have to get there like at 6am to freakin’ stand in line and wait for it to open anyways, so why not down a hearty breakfast while you wait? $hit, my body would actually applaud me for it – beats out my usual yogurt anytime ;)

It actually reminds me of an old college idea i had: An “all you can eat” cereal bar! It’s basically just this place where you’d pay a general membership (sorta like a gym), and you can eat and go as you please.

Want a quick snack on our way to work? Bingo! Feeling lazy and don’t want to cook dinner? Stop on by! It would be open 24×7 and fully stocked with every kind of cereal and milk you can find. That’s all it would serve. Well, that and coffee of course.

Okay, so i’m way off topic now. But the point is, if you know of a person who’d pick up a coffee at some weirdo spot, you can bet there’s 1,000 others out there ready to do the same. I say bring it on! Isn’t that why we love America anyways?

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