Care for some redesigned paper money?

How crazy would that be!
Turns out you can’t distinguish a $1 bill from a $100 bill if you tried with your eyes closed. Huh. So who cares, right?

Well, it turns out THE BLIND Care!!! (oh yeahhhhh – d’uh).

Think about it for a sec– close your eyes, reach into your pocket and try to figure out which bills are which (might need to try w/ a $5 instead of a $100…unless you’re blingin’ like that). I tried, and I surely can’t tell the difference. And according to the research, not many can either.

It’s definitely something to ponder though, and while it hasn’t yet been figured out, at least The American Council of the Blind has finally gotten their word through to the US Court of Appeals yesterday. But it’s already taken them a good 6 years to get to this point, so who knows when a change will happen. “The U.S.” understands how this can be a problem for the blind, but they feel that they have been adapting just fine. And by adapt, they mean “asking clerks for help” or “folding down corners of certain bills”.

It actually reminds me of the story on Ray Charles, and how in the movie “Ray” he asked to get paid in all $1 bills so that no one can rip him off. Now, THAT’s an idea :) It’s probably not the best solution to deal with it (or “adapt” as the U.S. puts it.) but it does the trick. Some of the REAL suggestions being considered are the following:

  1. Change the actual sizes of the money. Totally makes sense, plenty of countries have this…or at least used to. Would be kinda weird for us at first, but we’d get used to it.
  2. Start printing them with raised marks or other distinguishing features. Yup, that too would do the trick. I’d actually like! Adds some more texture to the paper, and will automatically get the entire US population to know how to “read” 1, 5, 10, and 20! haha… i vote for this one.

The whole thing is pretty interesting either way, I’m just hoping we can find a nice way to make everyone happy! We’ll see what happens :)

Check out this Yahoo article for more in depth info.

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  1. Shelbywo December 22, 2011 at 11:10 PM

    They could just brail stamp the notes as they were being pressed…it couldn’t be that “hard”

  2. J. Money December 27, 2011 at 12:47 PM

    You’d think, right? Some of the other comments here had some good ideas too, but sadly they were wiped away when I converted this blog from Blogger to WordPress :( We’ll see if we ever figure it out though! Thanks for stopping by :)